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  1. x2 4800 3500 venice just sold xp 3000 barton sob happy with both
  2. im thinking of selling my xp 3000 barton core 400fsb and nf2 ultra b board to fund a new graphics card how much do you think i should be asking, are they getting good prices at the moment
  3. not to sound thick but can this board use nvidia gpu's or does it have to b ati or just ati for the crossfire and/or nvidia for a single card
  4. lol idont wanna flash cos i dont know how and dont wanna screw it up by trying my nf2 ultra b nf3 ultra d worked like a dream 1st time out of the box but looking at some of the posts it isnt always so with the rdx but tbh for the price and cos most ppl think it is an amazing board ill buy it and i suppose if i do have any probs the street is there to help with its infinate wisdom lol, like cars i only own volkswagen with putas only dfi, sorry asus
  5. is there anybody else having problems with this board rdx200cf-dr i was thinking of buying 1 cos ive found it for 29 + vat but i dont want to do any flashing or fiddeling to get it to work i just want a good but this cheap dfi board to finish of my sons 3500 venice any input greatley appreciated.
  6. you have got to be careful because if you have a long gfx like my 6800gs there is not much clearence cos it will interfear with the components on the end of the card. also how do you get the thing off if you want to replace it i want a water cooler on it
  7. ocz gamer xtream 600w= highley recommended
  8. ocz 600w is and running p95 now blended no freezing issues yet let u know l8ers
  9. great ive got my ocz 600w gxs so it goes in sumday so ill try to do those tests and let you know
  10. lol thats some xchange rate looking at the numbers i prefer stirling £190 isnt bad over here cheapest ive seen.
  11. ive stumbled on a problem i now have my x2 up and running but after about 10 mins of being on the puta frezzez solid and i have tp restart. this is a power prob ,isnt it??? any conformation on this please cos on the outcome of this q im gonna go out and buy a psu. ta in advance
  12. got it in faheyd but sticking to stock for now need some mem to suit but for now its a dream
  13. just got for £190 stirling here http://www.techfever.co.uk/products.asp?partno=4128 what does that compare to usd
  14. by the way i will be going for the ocz gxs 600w when the money comes rolling in with my ebay sales
  15. no prob m8 glad to get a new couple together lol
  16. but it would do for a few weeks being at the min req??? gonna go for the qcz in a few weeks though
  17. i under stand that but you've written soft removed the processor and removed amd drivers or are both of the statements the same 1?
  18. is my 425 hyper able to deliver the goods now b4 i get a new psu as i have my 4800 here and am itching to get it into my rig and get a psu of quality v soon??
  19. about 50 pounds but i got a nf3 and my hyper 425w has the proper connectors
  20. looking at the psu guide but all out of my price range what is the lowest reccomded wattage, is it 480w for a 4800 x2 and a single G card?. im looking at hyper or something close but still a good name.
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