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  1. I like the DFI Expert much better in every respect except build quality. The A8N32's heatsinks are night and day more efficient than the Expert's active cooling not to mention silent Running COD2 for 30mins would jack the Expert's chipset to 50c ~ 52c; with the same equipment/case the A8n32 runs a cool 42c. At idle the A8N32 is around 36c; the Expert idled around 42c. Note however I have a 7800GT which may have attributed to the Expert's chipset overheating; there was a suggestion to move it to the lower slot but I never bothered to try. On the A8N32 there is no need, the layout of the cooling system is much more thought out. OC'n on the A8N32 sucks cause its confusing as hell and there are no good forums like this one with tips on how to OC it. The Expert is straight forward and much friendly to OC'n if you ask me. The nice thing about the A8n32 is the packaged AI NOS software which overclocks for you and is support by ASUS. I thought DFI tech support sucked..pray you don't need help from ASUS There a billion times worse.
  2. Well your right RGone, that was an unfair statement. We'll see what happens when I get the Expert back in 3~4 weeks. I have a OCZ PowerStream 520W which is on the a list here so I don't see why I'd not meet the power reqs. Well to make up for my last post all is not well in ASUS land either..its seems I just can't catch a break. I have one minor but super annoying issue, the IDE LED never stops blinking in Windows and only windows not dos or linux. This apparently is a common problem with ASUS' on google but no solution yet. Fortunately this time I bought local so I can take it back to the store for an exchange if I can't resolve the issue.
  3. Well I've only had it two days now..so issues may still arise; so far I like the superior cooling solution on the A8N32 however I hate the board layout. I can see in the near future having issues with multiple PCI card placements, right now I just got the 7800GT and X-Fi to deal with; the Expert's layout is perfect. I like the DFI board layout better and the onboard power/reset switches plus 4 led diagnostic were really nice. When it comes to cooling the A832N takes the cake though..its totaly silent vs the Expert's jet engine fan. The point of my post was alot of people were speculating the PSU/other components was the cause of the no boot issue. I figure I'd save them some time and let them know atleast in my case the board was just defective.
  4. I switched mainboards only cause my DFI Expert died, the new Asus A8N32 Deluxe does not exhibit any issues with cold boot as described here and as I experienced with the Expert. I'm RMA'n the DFI board. The question now is what do I do with it when I get it back; I figure it will take atleast 3 - 4 weeks for a full turn around and by then X16 boards will be mainstream dropping the already falling price of the expert more.
  5. No failed the 8hr reset procedure. All four leds turn on once power is applied and button is pressed. No beeps, no post, no power to the PS/2 keyboard either. Any ideas? What are the odds the CPU is blown? When I was using the incompatible Corsair chip the board did the same thing. The memory i have now works; but something happened when I was tweaking the mem timings and now the board won't post. I called for an RMA which will take 3 weeks roughly, I'm hoping to solve the problem before Monday when I will have to mail it back.
  6. Thanks for the tip ExRoadie..looks like I'm in for the full 8hr. Does anyone know if I could have shorted the CPU by altering the DRAM Timinigs? The board was kinda flaky to start..has the cold boot problem talked about in other threads. This sucks cause I'm one day away from a lan party.
  7. Was toying with memory settings, had been running stable at DDR500 (250Mhz) [email protected]; tried to tweak it to [email protected] and the PC will not boot. Stuck at 4 LEDs. Tried clearing CMOS, Safe Boot, unpluged for hours..no luck. The ram sticks work in my P4 stick..can you fry the board by adjusting memory timing?
  8. Was toying with memory settings, had been running stable at DDR500 (250Mhz) [email protected]; tried to tweak it to [email protected] and the PC will not boot. Stuck at 4 LEDs. Tried clearing CMOS, Safe Boot, unpluged for hours..no luck. The ram sticks work in my P4 stick..can you fry the board by adjusting memory timing?
  9. Pale, did you mean the 'Evercool VC-RE Twinkling VGA Cooler' to cool the northbridge? My 7800GT covers the current northbridge in either PCI-E slot.
  10. I'm now running at the following: CPU volatage 1.35v with special of 102.4% Mem voltage is set to 2.66v Chipset voltage is set to default CPU: 250x11 = 2750Mhz RAM: 250x1 = DDR500 [email protected] (50Mhz boost on PC3200, hope the chips don't fry) HTT: 250x4 = 1000Mhz [email protected] (Prime95-Blend): CPU=48~52 PWMIC=42~43 Chipset=47~52 If the nforce4 fan is not a full speed the chipset boosts to ~51 at idle. Looks like upping the ram to 250 is making other components work harder? Any recommendations, should I drop back to 196Mhz for the ram? I saw a nice boost according to Sandra's memory bandwith test from 5860MB/s to 7049MB/s.
  11. Hi, I noticed that every now and then, when the Windows security box appears (like when you launch an .exe file download) it sometimes goes into a 'freeze' where the box can't be clicked on and theres a clicking noise. The box also flickers. This does not happen everytime, just 1 out of every 5 times it pops up. A few seconds later its normal again. Anther weird anomoly is SiSoft Sandra Pro release 3; there are certain test particularly the motherboard and cpu info tests that will automatically shut off the system when its run. Any ideas or solutions?
  12. The HSF is stock AMD. I haven't had a chance to sit down and research how to overclock ram, mine is warrantied between 2.6v ~ 2.8v. They are PC3200 so I doubt I'll get them to 250mhz. I thought about replacing the stock AMD HSF with a Zalman 9500LED but that would probably be pointless since its the chipset heating up not the cpu. Any ideas on the weird boot up issue, it seems it may be a video card issue; Half-Life2 does it too, changes res with the desktop showing and playing the HL2 music then jumps into the loading screen a few seconds later.
  13. Yes both have run Prime95 for 10hours straight before manual termination, both have also passed Mem86test (one included in BIOS) for 10 passes (8~9hours). The temps are: [email protected] (Prime95-Blend): CPU=45~47 PWMIC=42 ~43 Chipset=45~47 [email protected] (Prime95-Blend): CPU=47~50 PWMIC=42 ~43 Chipset=46~48 Further tests using Call of Duty 2 and Battlefield 2 show: 2.5Ghz CPU=~48, PWMIC=43, Chipset=~47 2.7Ghz CPU=~50, PWMIC=43, Chipset=~51 My CPU volatage is at 1.35v with special of 102.4%. Mem voltage is set to 2.66v. [email protected] I assume the rise in heat during game is due to other components (e.g 7800GT) generating more heat inside the case where as Prime only burns the CPU and Ram? Whats the thermal limits for the chipset, thats the only one turning red in SmartGuardian at 2.7Ghz. I'm also experiencing a pause during Windows boot, when the screen fades in there is a momentary pause then it boots normally. The higher the clock speed the longer the pause takes. If I go back to stock 2.2 then the windows boot screen fades in normal. Once in Windows I have no issues other than heat on the chipset @ 2.7ghz. I have a antec super lan boy case, the front has a 120mm fan bringing in cool air; the rear has a 120mm fan exhausting hot air. If I revers the rear to bring in cool air will that help cool or would i be further agrevating the heat concern by eliminating the exhaust port?
  14. Need help deciding which is the safest overclock; my objective is to get the most bang for the buck out of stock cooling without compromising system lifespan. All of the options below passed memtest86+ for a period of 4hours. Which one is the best overall to use with pure stock cooling. I'm thinking Option 1 is the safest, Option 2 is the most bang for the buck (assuming that the lost 16mhz on ram doesn't impact severely). I'm not sure what the ceiling is on the ram, but at 216mhz (260x10) it fail during the first pass of memtest86. So I assume the limit is somewhere between 208 and 215; which effective limits me to 208 or less since the multipliers don't yeild any numbers between 208 and 216, there either less than 208 or greater than 216. So I guess the real question is will 1040 (2080) for the HTT be too much, and will the loss of 6mhz on the ram severely impact the cpu overclock. Will option 2 be faster than option 1? Option 1: CPU: 250x10 = 2500Mhz HTT: 250x04 = 1000Mhz RAM: 2500/12 = 208Mhz Option 2: CPU: 250x11 = 2750Mhz HTT: 250x04 = 1000Mhz RAM: 2750/14 = 196Mhz
  15. If I don't install the NVIDIA drivers then I get a yellow ! mark in device manager. Is this how its supposed to be or do I need to download a driver from Microsoft? I did an HD Tach benchmark and there doesn't seem to be any difference in performance with or without the NF4 drivers. Are there any caveats to not using the NF4 drivers other than not being able to use active armor?
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