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  1. I'm not aware of any socket 939 or AM2 board that can run with 3 RAM modules. It's 1, 2, or 4.
  2. The 704-bta are great BIOS. I would flash with just one stick of RAM though. You wouldn't want and memory induced coruption during the flash.
  3. Perhaps there was a production change in the mount. My Freezer Pro is like a year and a half old. They may have modified the clip somewhere along the way. All I can say is it fits nice and snug, with no movement whatsoever.
  4. The Dual Core Optimizer is mainly for gaming, although I wouldn't be surprised if it affected other multithreaded applications. This thread goes into more detail:http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showth...?t=81429&page=1 I always install the X2 Dual Core Driver, but since I don't game I've never used the other one.
  5. The BIOS you are using will see the Opty correctly, but will probably not allow Cool n Quiet to function properly. If you use Cool n Quiet, you'll have to use the 0406 BIOS. After you install the Opty, power up and go directly into BIOS. Go to PnP/PCI and enable "Reset Configuration Data". Save and exit. Power up the machine again go back and disable "Reset Configuration Data". Now boot the machine. Are you running Windows? If so, and if all goes well, Windows will "See" the new CPU, install the correct ACPI Proccessor Driver and ask you to reboot(It should say ACPI Multiproccessor PC). If not, you'll have to go to Device Manager/Computer and update the driver. While you're in Device Manager, go down to Proccessor, and verify that the Opty shows up. If your Venice is still showing, right click on it and uninstall it and reboot. You'll also need to install the AMD X2 driver. Not familiar with the OCZ PS so can't give any advice there.
  6. I'm using a TR Ultra120 Extreme on my Ultra-D with a naked Opty. I have a Freezer Pro on a naked X2 3800 on an ASRock mobo with no modifications.
  7. Great Read Angry! I agree 100%. I'm quite happy with my current setup. Would I like a new Core2 Quad or Phenom? Sure I would, but that requires a large cash outlay, and I'd end up tossing my Motherboard and RAM which I paid dearly for. Not worth it to me at this time. To all the Intel fanboys out there, you should pray every day for a strong AMD. Competition = Innovation. Likewise I'm glad there's a strong Linux community, and I'm glad Apple is doing so well. Competition in a fair open market always benefits the consumer.
  8. This is a hardware modification. It is therefor undetectable. The NVidia driver will see it as an SLI Chipset.
  9. You might want to re-check that. Later NForce4 chipsets don't have the little blobs of solder shown on the SLI Mod Pic. There should be a small round dab of dark epoxy covering the two solder pads. This will will need to be carfully scrapped away, to reveal the solder pads that need to be connected for SLI. I used acetone and a QTip to soften the epoxy, and scraped it off with the tip of an exacto knife.
  10. I have an 80mm Vantech Stealth fan piggybacked on the top on my Big Typhoon's fan. It is pointed down and blows directly on my memory, and also cools the PWMIC area as well. I have it connected to the fan 2 (right above the cpu fan connector) motherboard connector, and have it set in BIOS to be fully on @ 45 degrees. My PWMIC temps never go above 55 degrees even when the system is under heavy load.
  11. The workaround for that is having MBM run as administrator. Go to Program Files/Motherboard Monitor 5/MBM5.exe, and right click on it. Select properties, and at the bottom, check "Run this program as administrator". If you disabled UAC, it will start normally. I have UAC enabled, so I get a notice in the tray that it was blocked, so I enable it after booting.
  12. I know its Eye Candy, but I actually use it. If you own a 3, 4 or 5 button mouse, you can re-assign one of your buttons to evoke Flip3D.. Option 1: Your Mouse vendors Vista driver package already has the option to re-assign. Microsoft Intellipoint 6.2 has it, but not sure about others. Done deal...go to control panel/mouse, and look for the mouse button options re-assignment. Option 2: Your Mouse software allows you to launch an application from one of the buttons. Open your mouse properties, and enter this command for the button re-assignment: C:Windowssystem32rundll32.exe DwmApi #105. You can modify the command if C is not your boot/windows drive. Option 3: Your mouse software allows you to assign a hot key or hot key combination to a specific button. First, go to folder options/view tab, and put a checkmark next to "Show hidden files and folders", Now right click anywhere on your desktop, and select New Shortcut. A new window will appear. Type or copy and paste "rundll32.exe DwmApi #105" no quotes. Hit next, and name it Flip3D, and then finish. Now right click on the shortcut you just created, and select Properties. Under the General tab, check Hidden. Under the Shortcut tab go to the Shortcut Key, and enter your key or key combination. In my case, I used F9. You may have to leave this blank temporarily until you re-assign your mouse button. I had to leave this blank temporarily for my Logitech mouse, until I re-assigned the button in Mouseware properties (see my post on getting Mouseware to work with Vista). Logitech forces you to enter the key or key combination by actually pressing the keys. You can't type it in manually. Once you have re-assigned the button in your mouse software, enter it in the Shortcut Key window of the new shortcut, and click apply and close it. Now go back to your folder/options and remove the checkmark next to "Show hidden files and folders". You may have to log off and then back on for the changes to work. If none of these work, as a last resort try x-mouse.http://www.highrez.co.uk/downloads/X...tonControl.htm It's a little freeware app that can remap your mouse button assignments. The latest version has Flip3D as a built-in option. It works well, but does require installation of your mouse vendors software. I have noticed a bit of stuttering on certain machines under certain circumstances when using it though. Update: There's another little program called AutoHotkey http://www.autohotkey.com/This is a bit more complex than X-Mouse, and uses scripts (which you must create) to launch an application. I assigned the Flip3D run sequence to "Control-Z", and then re-assigned my center mouse button to those hot keys. The best part is, unlike X-Mouse, there are no glitches or stuttering. Last but not least, for those of you feeling left out because you have Windows XP, there’s a shareware app called TopDesk http://www.otakusoftware.com/topdesk/ which adds Flip3D and or Expose' like functionality to XP. If you do some digging, the earlier freeware version can be found on the net. It actually works great on XP and Vita, and is much more customizable the Vitas built-in Flip3D.
  13. Thanks This whole "we don't support older hardware issue" is just plain stupid. Probably has to due with money, since vendors must pay Microsoft for their drivers to be Certified and Signed.
  14. Retrospekt.... That's a beautiful theme you're running. Do you have a link to it? Also it looks like you're running Styler Toolbar as well, yes?
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