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  1. i wanna get AMD64 FX60, where can i find it?:sad:
  2. Hi, all. i install WINDOWS VISTA 5381.1 64bit. i wanna setup the i/o smart guardian. i downloaded XP64 from dfi web site. but it is not work at vista. somebody know which version smart guardian can work at 64bit vista ? btw: CPU-Z 1.33.1 can not work at this version vista too.
  3. Hi, all. i setup all file in the INSTALL CD of VENUS. but there are two device is not installed on device manage. can you tell me how i can do to install the device?
  4. ok, i will try. it is very difficult for OC in first few days.
  5. I think the perfamance of oc is less than DFI NF4 U-D. At U-D, i can set FSB 260 at default voltage, but at VENUS, i can only set FSB 250 at 1.26v. somebody knows which version BIOS useful for oc at VENUS? http://bbs.oc-diy.com/attachment/14_9_3ce622726fddce7.jpg PICS are OVERSIZE...
  6. first, thank you for your help. then, i have an question about "long clear CMOS". Remove everything from my motherboard except CPU/GRAPHICS CARD/MEMROY/HARD DISK, isn't it?
  7. i got information from www.dfi.com f&q, maybe my BIOS is bad, i will check it out tomorrow.
  8. Thanks a lot, every body. my god, my good 3800+ X2, 55555555555555, it is stable at voltage 1.36v 270*10, at voltage 1.264v 250*10.
  9. The leds kept lighting and there is no respones from PC and monitor is dark include speaker. i will borrow a graphics card and a cpu from my friend. i don't know the reason why the four leds keep lighting.
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