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  1. Same here for nf4. When i try to click any of the links.. either pictures or files at the bottom of your post i get a blank window.
  2. Ok.. i figured it out. Stupid DFI and their none standard bios naming convention. 6/23 works for all dual core 939s except the fx-60. The version i need was version NF4LD329 2005/11/14. Thanks for trying to help though.
  3. Ok.. i installed Tmod's BIOS cd and from it installed the 6/23 revision 3 bios and the modded 6/23 revision 2 bios from i dont remember who. So .. i dont know what else to try.. unless i should be installing the 7/03 or something like that drivers. But i read somewhere those are only for revision E .. whatever that is. Any suggestions?
  4. Hi .. i have a Nf4 Ultra-D and i just upgraded from a 3800+ to an FX-60 I believe i have the latest official version of the bios ... v6 ... but on post it says "unrecognized processor , x2" and i get the same in the hardware tab in XP. It sees two cores but doesnt know what it is. CPU-Z recognizes it though. I installed the dual core drivers for xp and the optimization patch. Can i run with it unrecognized or will i get decreased performance. Also ... if i need a different bios what version is recommended?
  5. I have found my max cpu of 2750. My ram goes up to 260 at default settings. I'm happy with setting 250*11, tightening my ram timings, and being done. My question is will setting 2T on my ram help my processor go higher or are they not dependant on each other. I dont feel a pressing need to make my ram hit 275 for 275*10 However, it setting 2T will help my hit 2800+ then i'm willing to try. The 2T vs 1T sticky confused me a little so thats why i'm asking. Were those people talking about 2T letting thier ram go higher so they had more multiplier options or might it allow the processor to go higher to?
  6. You can read up on drive strength in the "definitive overclocking guide" sticky or pdf. It is in the Bios section in the last quarter of the document which explains all the ram settings. I'd give you an exact page number but i'm not on my computer right now.
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