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  1. Cheers for the sugestions. Tried both, no luck. Must be a faulty motherboard!
  2. Hi, Just to let you know ive been havin the same problems with my expert board! :confused: Everything is sweet except the floppy drive. Ive tried three floppys which all work in other computers and two leads, all to no evail. Windows says the device is working properly. Am i missing something really simple in the bios or something or is it time to RMA the motherboard? Ive had it just over three weeks and to be honest im really not happy! Can anyone please tell me what should be enabled in the bios. VER 5.2.16 Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Cheers for the sugestions Still no luck! So far ive tried 2 floppys that work in other machines Dfi floppy cable + a new cable Reversed the cables both ways As for the bios First boot device- remouvable Boot other device- enabled Swap floppy drive- disabled Boot up floppy seek- disabled Cannot find anything that says FDD-enabled/disabled Any more info would be greatly appreciated
  4. Sorry I should have mensioned my cable is definatley the right way round. I even purchased a new cable because the standard DFI ones are .. Note to DFI. Stop suplying . cables
  5. Hi I've just set up my first rig, it took a while but I'm nearly there. The one remaining problem is the floppy drive won't work. It powers up but will not read the disks, I have tried two drives both with the same results. :confused: I was wondering if anybody could shed some light on this problem. TIA Steve
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