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  1. yikes, of the 2nd orange dimm slot the "leg" (what's the word?) broke off so now the memory can't be clicked into position. What am I to do? Can I replace this myself or any suggestions? I've contacted dfi but no word as of yet.
  2. Anybody here have experience with these dsp cards? I wanted to put one in my machine but after seeing this http://www.uaudio.com/support/software/UAD...therboards.html it seems to be incompatible with nf4 boards in combination with dual processors, with the solution a possible bios update.. I guess I should fuggeddaboutit?
  3. Yippy!! Before I left to work I put the clear CMOS in effect only to put it back just now and tada, machine boots up like a dream, everything seems to work now, what a sigh of relief. I think it's the 7 december cmos, no need to upgrade right? Oh and have been looking for a 4pin to 8pin adapter but can't find one, anybody have a link or even better one of a brand name whihc would be easier to get here I guess.
  4. Yeah I saw that , use the 4pin if the 8pin isn't there (an additoinal yellow note actually), but saw elsewhere on the forum that the 8-pin is required for the expert (psu recommendations)hence the question. I think it's the beeps from the vga error, crap. Going to sleep now, a tad pissed off so better not work on the rig.
  5. Alright, will buy an 8-pin adapter, but this shouldn't be the cause of my problems right? So still in trouble here, I 1) slided the mobo out the case, removed all but the cpu and vga 2) one module on dim 2 3) the elaborate reset which had the following result, the compu powered up, all fans started spinning, the red leds went from right to left untill the left led kept burning, some bleeps from the speaker, afterwhich the fans stopped spinning. Now I'm searching the forum for an explanation but don't feel too good about it. Am I right to conclude this might be a vga problem? It's the 7800 gt all heatsink no fan. I'm going to reste the bios, the elaborate way, once more and pen down the exact bleeps. Wish me luck.
  6. uhaulball, You have the same psu? I just saw a topic saying I need to have a "8-pin (+12V) EPS connector REQUIRED for the Expert" while the hiper has a 4-pin, this isn't a problem since you have the same psu?. I'm checking back here for the clear cmos procedure and printing it out. Btw, I have the blue version, the sleeves look bright blue, haven't turned on the neon light yet but the sleeves look like ac ryan sleeves so it's likely. The connectors are definitely uv reactive. Wish me luck
  7. Thanks, will do so when I get back from work, - Just one module in dimm 2, - take out the additional pci cards, - major reset of the bios found here, http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showpost.p...04&postcount=24, which sounds rather elaborate what's the deal there? I might be reading it wrong (english not my first language) but what do you mean with move the speaker jumper to the ON position? You mean the jumper from the case (next to the leds and switches) or is there a speaker jumper on the mobo itself? Will do all three as described above and report back here in about 4 hrs, off work in 3, who needs food right?
  8. I'm going out of my mind!! :confused: Alrighty, bought a new - dfi nf4 sli dr expert, - asus 7800 gt silent - amd opteron 170 - arctic cooling freezer 64 pro - hiper 580 SLI psu - NEC 3551 used from my previous pc - lian li aluminium case - creative x-fi - crucial ballistix pc3200 2-2-2-6 512MB x2 ( I have 3 and am waiting for #4) - msi wifi 54g card Hooked it up, installed everything, say no go. What happens is, all the fans (psu, casefans, cpu fan) start spinning, no display on the monitor, 4 red leds burning. FYI, yes I did search the forum, Yes I only used two of the modules and placed them on the orange slots. The psu is a really high end psu even if you don’t know the brand in the us (do you?). So I’m thinking, I do not own an amd 64 cpu besides the opteron, is this error because I need to update the bios? Please advice because I’m pulling out my hairs as we speak.
  9. KBY

    opteron or x2

    Well the opteron cpu is a server cpu which generally is more specific about which memory it will allow in use, which is why I asked. Anyway, I can get my hands on a opteron 170 for 410, but a x2 4400 for 490 (euros), choices choices. Any recommendations?
  10. x-fi rules, crystalize is nice for lower quality mp3's.
  11. KBY

    opteron or x2

    Wel actually I love the crucial but if indeed it doesn't work well I'll have to sell it. I just wondered if this type of memory, unregistered and all, worked well with the opteron. If it doesn't work well with the dfi, well I can't test that at this moment but it is in the recommended memory thread. As for the cpu, I live in the netherlands and am browsing through a bunch of webshops that sell these but non have stock or any indication of when they will have one so perhaps it'll be the x2 afterall out of pure necessity. No shops nearby that sell opterons, these shops more expensive anyway so I'm better off buying via web.
  12. KBY

    opteron or x2

    Well I'm still trying to get my hands on one, out of stock sofar with unknown availability. No the real question is, does it work well with the crucial memory? Oh and owning a dfi without overclocking? Sounds silly to me
  13. Hi all, newbie with a question, only thing missing from my new system is the cpu. The real question is, does the opteron 165 or 170 work wel with crucial ballistix 3200? If not I'll go with the x2.
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