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  1. well i just got 2gb crucial ballistics pc4000 ram and ive maxed out at 277ghz,24 hours prime stable, im running 252 x 11 at 1.48 vcore htt 4,ive tried to get to 2.8 but it just wont run stable.im quite happy with me temps tho its running 33 to 36 c using the zalman 9700 flower cooler and 40 to 44 under load,realy wanted to hit 2.8 but i supose this will have to do.
  2. even with a divider i cant boot past 230 x12 seems my ram is holding me back gona buy some crucial balastics pc4000 ram see if this helps
  3. ok guys im pretty new to overclocking but ive managed to get my comp to 2.78 ghz 230 x 12 my cpu is at 1.42 volts and my ram is at 2.8, htt 4, at 1.1 ratio,but im having problems getting past this is there anything i can do too get any more out of her ,this is my current settup any help much apreciated
  4. ok i reset the cmos and everythings up and running again ,next time ill make sure to read instructions before jumping in headfirst
  5. hi all i just tried updating my bios using winflash,my motherboard is a lanparty nf4 ultra d,i downloaded winflash and my bios from dfi website and proceded to flash everything seemed to go well and the mesage bios update completed succsesfully, bios will be affected when you restart,so i restarted but now the computer wont boot,all i get is the little light flashing on the front of my cd drive.after double checking winflash instructions on this page http://us.dfi.com.tw/Support/Download/bios_Winflash_us.htm i see the little boxes named,bootblock dmi and update data were not ticked,is there somthing ive missed ere thanks in advance mlr
  6. The wire for the bubble lights has 5 endings due to the 5 wires (they are named: l-ret, r-ret, l-out, r-out, ground) I guess this is for one bubble light on the left front corner of the case, and one for the right front corner. The manual does not mention these. these are so you can re route your jack plugs from back of case to ront its actualy left return/right return/left out /right out /ground,the others are also for this but dont just plug them in anywere if you not sure or youll blow your onboard soundcard
  7. i did try changing the devider but to be honest it didnt make too much diference too the temp,even with a divider and lower multi i still need to use the same vcore temp to get to were i am now, as for water cooling i have looked into it but its a little bit much for me too afford at the moment,looks like il have to stick with this overclock for time being till i get some money for watercooling thanks for reply tho-oh by the way is there any way to flash the 7800gt bios without a floppy drive as i dont have one ,i did hear that you can do it in nero but cant find any tutorials to do it
  8. if you want a nice acrylic case try this place there cheap toohttp://www.fleetwoodcomputers.co.uk/shop_copy/index.php?cPath=188
  9. sorry about that,ill learn
  10. hi all first off just wanna say hello to everyone on the forum,i just bought my first dfi board last week after using the asus a8n sli deluxe and getting bad overclocks,after messing around for 12 hours and testing in prime 95 for 10 hours ive got it stable at the speed in my sig,id just like to know what u guys are using to cool your boards ,ive only got stock heatsink and fan on at the moment and wanna get somthing a bit better but dont want it to sound like a tornado going off in my house,also whats the story with modding the 7800gt bios to 1.5 volt,i was gona flash it but do i need to get some better cooling for it firstor have any of you guys done it with stock heatsink.thanks in advance mlr
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