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  1. wow its been a long time since ive logged on. im sorry to hear all the losses weve had. i hope all is well with everyone . lets us know we are real ppl behind our handles . RIP may u be remembered for all your contributions.
  2. Hello everyone its been a long time since my last post. Just wanted to stop by and tell everyone im still around
  3. it took e a few weeks of reading before i finally got a clue what i was doing .by the time i finally posted it was from a backup pc since i had thrashed my GeForce4 Ti 4200. point is ask if u dont know or cant find the answers. or ull end up with a heap of scrap parts. lol
  4. what version and specs for your pc and os
  5. we still around just not so eager to jump in on every thread like wa back besifes life moves on now i pay the bills and need to work. cant stay up as late as before today is an ec=xception i went to see harry potter. so yeah im still a nerd.
  6. how are ya guys just wanted to say what up its funny no matter how far i stray from home occ is always one of the first bookmarks on every machine i ever use\setup
  7. it works in the hp it came from. and i think its actually an asus board in there ipibl-txrev 1.01
  8. its because three of my quad cores are beta win 7 and i wanted to make sure all was good first . soone ill add them again.
  9. have a 880ogt from an hp machine and i want to replace my 7800gt for it but when i hook it up my abit fatality fp-in9-sli just gives me an error. one long beep and three or four really quick ones. am i missing a step ?doing some thing . if i put my 7800gt in the hp all is great and the 8800 works in the hp but the card from hp will not boot in my main pc (fatality) your help is much appreciated
  10. thanks guys its not as easy for me to add rigs but i still keep mine up 24/7 hoping it will help one day. i know im not roadrunner but hey slow and steady any bit counts. i hope more pick up the torch and carry on. while im here just wanted to what up to all my friends i havent talk to in a while. im here not allways visible but nevertoo far from home...occ
  11. after a long night of trying to recover my friends pc i ended up screwing up the mbr . now i have 0 partitions . does anyone know or have recovery disks . my recovery part is also gone. 62NAheBLA2 Recovery Kit is the one i found from hp that is for the pc. its stupid to pay it should have been given to me in the first place . or atleast available for download.
  12. only solution i found wast to copy all the files to my hdd then re upload them . that sucked .
  13. hi guys i went to watch a video on my ipod when out of the blue all the playlist were displayed were only video playlists once were and under the movies selection all songs show up. it only gives me lil screen shot of the video as f it were in tv mode but in itunes there are no videos all show up as music. even when i select media type as video nothing changes. can anyone help
  14. thats why i dont use the smp i just instal seperat instances . i know it might be optiimal but i avoid those types of issues
  15. Hi everyone ive been away for a while but . plan to contribute once again to this comunity. still folding though .. i see alot of ppl chasing me ..... so this is kind of a whats new with everyone post .
  16. it might have been an actual server problem. ... ps hi guys im back !!
  17. i believe its a proprietery device from verizon
  18. its a hobby and career it just depends what task I'm performing. i have been in different things but i aways fall back on technology to get me through the hard times
  19. dude that awesome. im trying to keep up but man its hard. i hate to hijack the tread but just wanted to say I'M BACK. most of you probably cant even remember me. but i never quit folding for 12772
  20. i see you achievement and it makes me proud to be part of this community it also makes me want to get off my butt and get others involved not to mention try not to get left in your dust. good job man !!! i only wish i would have listened to your advice about those smp clients. well im gonna start one of these days
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