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  1. Objectdock tends to take up less memory then Rocketdock (last time I compared them). But I like the customization of Rocketdock better.
  2. Laughing Man

    So Ya Think You Want to Go to Vista Huh???

    The speech recognition can be done quite nicely with Dragon Naturally Speaking. I'm actually curious about the RAM consumption though of that program vs built in with Vista (which probably means under some process name you have to find first).
  3. Laughing Man

    chipset fan

    Nah it makes lots of noise naturally.
  4. Laughing Man

    Should I replace stock fans?

    Yep, I just noticied it myself. I've been living at the dorms for a while and suddenly my PC starts making a weird sound once in a while. And so I said.. "hell no my harddrive better not be dieing". I open it up and try to locate the sound. It's the chipset fan. Doesn't bother me that much, as long as it's not my harddrives dieing.
  5. Laughing Man

    NF4 Ultra-D Step by Step New Build

    Either way because your switching motherboards you'd have to redo Windows. I've never had any luck moving Windows from motherboard to motherboard. If you've tested both sticks of RAM separately and they're both stable. As well as making sure the parts don't have any obvious problems with the motherboard As well as the other parts I'd think B would be just fine. Unless you want to reflash to the latest BIOS. Though not so sure about your Power Supply. 430 Watts for the motherboard, two hard drives, and 2 DVD burners as well as other fans. Might cause some trouble.
  6. Laughing Man

    Thanks for All the Info

    I'd like to say thank you too. This forum is a great resource and a great source of help.
  7. Laughing Man

    CPU Retention Frame

    The yellow retention frame? It seem threaded to me from the two screws already in there. Though does yours have a frame in the back too (basically exactly where the frame in the front is just on the backside of the motherboard). The screws go thru the front frame and connect to the back frame. What I did was just take out the two screws, put some AS5 on my processor, then put the Zalman 9500 in with the cross bar going across. Then screw it in.
  8. I think that's to much too at 900 each it would look like they start using the paging file... 700 should be good for each core.
  9. Laughing Man

    CPU Retention Frame

    Not sure if the SLI-DR is different from the Ultra D. But since we're both using AMD processors on the socket 939 I'll assume they're the same. It's just a simple yellow frame (one where the CPU is and one on the back right?). If so you'll need to take out those screws that are currently holding whatever heatsink is currently on it. And then place the Zalman 9500 on it and then with that large bracket (the thing that goes across near the bottom) rescrew the screws back in and that's it. You might have trouble with the screws. Whenever I screwed one in the other went up a bit like a seesaw. Took me a while to get it done right.. -_- And yes, you'll have to take it out. It's virtually impossible to install this heatsink without doing it out of the case.
  10. Laughing Man

    Windows Boot Up Problems

    Everything is fixed and up and running! Thank you all (time to test Prime 95 and Pi stability.
  11. Laughing Man

    Windows Boot Up Problems

    Ok thanks, I've made mine now..I'll install after dinner and reply back.
  12. Laughing Man

    Windows Boot Up Problems

    In my other thread I finally found out how to check the BIOS outside of Windows (had to turn off logo). I got the 623 BIOS. And I do only have one memory stick on the PC. I guess not having SP 2 is the problem. Here's what I got. Win XP Pro Win XP SP 2 (not installation for Windows just SP2) on two different discs. Most of the slipstreaming guides I've read say I should grab SP2 from the Microsoft site then put it in. Though could I just copy the SP2 disc to the HD and use that instead of downloading it again? (it's kinda a pain to download it because I have satellite internet and it's horrible...)
  13. Laughing Man

    How to tell what BIOS version you have?

    Thank you! So I just checked and I have the 6-23-05 BIOS. (yippie no flash required now!) Meh..so perhaps the reason why Windows isn't working is because it doesn't have SP2? Or is it because it's installed on a Maxtor drive? Though it's not a SATA drive, it's a regular ATA one (haven't heard of any problems on here with DFI's board and Maxtor ATA drives).
  14. Laughing Man

    How to tell what BIOS version you have?

    Though I can't get into Windows. I installed Windows Pro (no sp) last night and every time it got to the part where Windows starts loading it restarted after a few seconds when nothing happened. Most likely I need sp 2 (which I planned on installing right after I got into XP Pro) so I'm currently slip streaming myself one. Any way to tell outside of Windows?
  15. I looked in the BIOS but couldn't find the information. I ask because I need to flash the 623 BIOS so the motherboard recognizes my Opteron. But I heard that some of the motherboards already come with 623 on it. And I don't want to flash unless I have to. What is suppose to happen if the motherboard doesn't recognize the processor? Does it simply not POST?