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  1. I just bought a 206BW LCD monitor and I noticed that I can barely see a difference (if at all) between 100 and 80 brightness if I adjust it via the on screen display. Is this normal for this monitor? Once I reduce it to about 60 brightness the change is much more noticeable. Did I get a defective unit?
  2. Well this is why I love my DFI board. Not only does it perform great, but you can come here and get not only fast but very knowledgable answers. Thanks so much radodrill, soundx98 and praz
  3. Well this is why I love my DFI board. Not only does it perform great, but you can come here and get not only fast but very knowledgable answers. Thanks so much radodrill, soundx98 and praz
  4. The thing is I already have them set in the bios to 25C/25C under PC Health and Status. Should it still slow down and then speed up during the POST process of the BIOS even if I have the temps set like this? After the initial slow down and speed up it retains a constant speed
  5. Hi, I have been noticing that either my Chipset fan or 7800GT fan are slowing down during the intial boot sequence of the bios and the speeding back up again. I think its the chipset fan but I'm not positive, it is the only fan connected to the motherboard as all other fans including the cpu fan are connected directly to the power supply. In the bios I have the chipset fan's chipset fan on and off both set to 25C. 1) The chipset fan also seems to take an extra second or two to start spinning then the other fans in te case, is this normal? 2)When I hit power button on the case I hear all the fans start then I hear one of them slow down for a sec (either my graphics card or chipset fan) and then about 2 secs later it starts going faster again. Is this normal? 3)This never happens when I restart the computer from Windows. It only happens if the computer has been turned off a bit. 4)I do have a evercool replacement fan for the chipset do you think it neccessary to replace the DFI chipset fan?
  6. My temps are great 40C idle and does not break 61C on load. Maybe I should try reinstalling my videocard drivers.
  7. I have a EVGA 7800GT OC and at stock settings I get yellow dots in the artifact scanner of ATI Tool and it keeps counting saying no errors. Is this normal? I have run 3dmark06 all night in a loop without freezing and I see no artifacts in any of the tests. I also see no artifacts in the rthribril program either.
  8. Can anyone tell me if I have two 7800GT's from evga and put the NV Silencer on both of them if I could still have enough room to run them in a SLI config on my DFI Lanparty UT Expert board? Also if this isnt possible do you have any recommendations on some aftermarket coolers that would enable this and lower temps?
  9. I saw this but it says "it appears" so I wasnt actually sure if it really overides. Can someone please confirm?
  10. Does anyone know if setting Dynamic Counter to "Enable" overides the the value you set in the idle cycle limit? Basically would having: Dynamic Counter = Enable & Idle Cycle Limit = 256 yield the same performance as having: Dynamic Counter = Enable & Idle Cycle Limit = 16 Thanks
  11. Hmm problem here was a I did Prime 95 two instances using the custom blend test with 800mb of memory on each test and it went for 24+ hours. It also passed Super PI 32 test with no errors. Then I went into memtest and 1 error appeared. How exactly do you do the test your saying, Do you have 1 instance of prime 95 on one core running and then 3dmark running on the other core? Also do you run the Prime95 blend test or Small FFT's in this method you describe.
  12. How long should I run memtest to know the mem is stable?
  13. Well at 2.6ghz at 1.45v I am getting idle temps of 33 degrees and load of 43-44 degrees. Also note I increased my temp in the bios by 10 degrees because the expert board reads the temp wrong.
  14. I am overclocking my RAM and got one error after 12hrs, I figured I would mess with 2 settings to see if it would get it stable read preamble and DQS Skew. I orginally had read preamble at 5ns and the DQS value to increase with a value of 255. After setting the DQS value to default and changing the read preamble to 6ns it passed memtest for 12+ hours. Now I have a idea it is one of these settings causing the problem and probally not both of them. Does anyone have any suggestions as to which one of the settings would more likely be causing the error?
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