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  1. no, they have it for us too! 640 MB Goodness
  2. although with zune's price drop they are looking more appealing now. i may have to start saving my hard earned benjamins, lol.
  3. back when this was dfi-street, i set mine to "dfi grasshopper" but the "decency" filter changed it to "dfi gra**hopper" or something weird like that, lol.
  4. exactly. i just bought a dell inspiron and only got 1 gig of memory as opposed to two because it was cheaper to buy a two gig kit from newegg. only cost about $75.
  5. liteon makes good drives. they are actually owned by plextor if i remember correctly. that'll be a pretty nice rig. enjoy!
  6. freakin sweet! then yes, you definitely want the gtx. you can now consider me jealous, lol. :drool:
  7. thats going to be one sweet rig! i agree with Angry though, TT psu's are not TT's strong selling point at all. for the price that you would pay for that psu, you could get an even nicer, like an OCZ or PCP&C which would me MUCH more reliable. also, what monitor will you be running? dont get me wrong, the 8800gtx is a beast, but if you are running lower resolutions, you could save a few bucks and get a gts. however, if you are running 1600x1200 or higher, then the gtx is your best option. also, didnt see a soundcard listed. are you planning on just running onboard sound? either way, looks like a nice build. that should last you for a little while.
  8. a friend of mine lives up in canada on prince edward's island. he has to cross this bridge. this is one freakin long bridge. it is definitely an engineering wonder, especially because they had to design it in a way to handle the strait freezing completely in the winter. i dont normally mind bridges, but that one creeps me out...
  9. hmm, with a 32 inch monitor, then i would recommend the 8800gtx to handle that resolution. also, if he is going to be overclocking, ive been reading good things about the fsb oc'ing ability of the new DFI nForce 680i LT-T2R for quad cores. madshripms.be has a pretty good review of it, and they actually use orthos to test for stability, which is rare for an online review. sounds like that is going to be a pretty sweet rig when it is all said and done. link to review
  10. hmm, thats interesting. i knew that 1024x768 is still pretty common, but i thought 1280x1024 would have been higher than that. i guess you learn somethin new every day, lol.
  11. my sincerest clickages to you in this clicking contest. may the clickage gods bestow countless clicks to you in your courageous conquest.
  12. dude, thats awesome. its like your gonna nuke a small country or something, lol.
  13. i spent about 5 weeks in australia two summers ago, but i never had the opportunity to eat kangaroo. i wanted to in the worst way though. i had plenty of lamb, but no kangaroo. maybe next time, lol.
  14. as many have mentioned, IF you get a credit card, you have to be EXTREMELY careful and disciplined with it. i used to do it like AG and just used my debit card. however, as AG also mentioned, just using a debit doesnt really do anything to your credit score. so, i got a credit card and promised myself that i would use it as if it were a debit card and only spend what i could afford with the money in my bank account. it has worked out great for me since then. over the past three years since i got my credit card, there have only been a couple of times when i was unable to pay the balance in full at the end of the month, but those were both emergencies, and i didnt have that big of a balance anyway. so, if you DO decide to get a card, let my recommend the citi dividend platinum card from citibank. you can get it in a visa, mastercard, or american express. by using it you get a 2% (used to be 5% but they just lowered it, grr) cash rebate on all gas (huge plus these days), grocery, drugstore, and convenience store purchases. you also get a 1% cash rebate on all other purchases. it has a variable interest rate that is at 12.74% right now, which is pretty high, so you DEFINITELY would want to pay it off every month. there are some other features to it too, but the cash rebates are what sold it for me. and, as long as you pay it off every month, you dont need to worry about being raped by the interest charges. more info on the card here: http://www.citicards.com/cards/wv/cardDetail.do?screenID=923
  15. i tried it when i was in australia a couple of years ago. it looks like axle grease, and smells about as bad too. but, i didnt think it was that terrible tasting. its definitely an acquired taste, like coffee. however, after driving past the big vegimite factory in melbourne, i about passed out from the smell, lol. i cant imagine how terrible it would be to work there...
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