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  1. Thanks a lot, I've installed them. Now the problem is : rear speaker volume = 2% of front speakers volume (I can't hear them) I've reduced a lot the front speaker volume to hear the rear speakers, and now I can hear a big big big delay between rear and front.... Vista make me nuts.
  2. I can't remember which realtek I have to download, I'll google a little. The dedicated port (black one I think) has never worked for me, maybe it was a bad driver configuration, I've always used the line in plug in XP and Ubuntu, and now I'd like to do the same with Vista.
  3. Hi there, I've installed latest nforce4 drivers for Vista x64 and there is no nvmixer. My old 4.1 system use line-in for rear speakers and works perfectly under XP and Ubuntu. I have checked "rear speakers connected to line-in" in Vista x64 sound options, and unmute line-in and I have no sound in my rears speakers. And it appears there is no Nvmixer on Vista X64, I'm stuck.... Is anybody got an idea please ?
  4. problem localized : it's a suddent incompatibility with my PSU (Hiper 580W). I've found a person on a french forum who got the same problem with a Seasonic 500W, one day it just stopped working. I've tested my DFI a couple of second with a 350W noname and the DFI boot ! What the hell is this problem ? My motherboard works (with 350W noname), my PSU works (tested on NF7-S), the couple has works perfectly for two years and...... today appears a suddent incompatibility =( Have you ever seen a similiar problem ?
  5. PSU was tested with a NF7-S board and is working. 4 power connectors are plugged. The four diagnostic LED does not light on, only the one entitled "Standby Power Supply" is on. So my Motherboard is dead..... pfffff I'm sick How long is DFI Warranty please ?
  6. Without the GPU it's the same, no boot, no fans, no noise. There are no floppy/hd/cdrom plugged to the board. What do you mean by "but they only work if the board comes on/fans spin". I've check on my board and on the manual, I've 4 led but I have not the pins under these Leds, is there a way to activate them ?
  7. I have not the 4 diagnostic LED. This option is for Expert version, Ultra-D has only one LED entitled "Standy Power LED" instead. When I turn the power on it does nothing, no fan starting, no noise, nothing. I've finally checked my CPU, it is good looking, no particual smells, no black corner, thermal grease is present, CPU is ok.
  8. Hello all, I have a big problem with my DFI I have a computer since a while (two years), it has always runs perfectly except yesterday..... I've shutdown the PC because I was going to sleep and this morning my computer does not want to boot anymore.... o_o' Config is : Mb : DFI Lanparty UT Ultra-D Cpu : Opteron 165 Ram : 2x1Go GSkill Gpu : Sapphire X800 GTO² PCI-E Psu : Hyper 580W I have a second computer with Abit NF7-S, so I've tested the PSU and the RAM, they works.... I can't test the CPU, butt if my CPU was dead I'll hear "beep beep" from the buzzer and I'll smell like a toasted CPU. I've tried to reset CMOS and remove the battery, this does not work. I'm using the initial build posted by Angry_Games (Mb + Gpu + Psu + Ram, no more), I've tried without GPU it does not work too. The Standy Power LED is Orange, DRAM power LED is off but I've read that this LED is on only when the PC boot up. I don't understand, I think my motherboard got a suddent death.... and warranty does not work anymore (two years). Anyone has ideas please ?
  9. I've just tested with one module of 1Go Corsair (without 2x512 AData), and it boot. Maybe a friend will give me 2x512 Mo Corsair Value and I'll give him 1x1 Go Corsair Value, so I could test if 4x512 Works properly
  10. Maybe your timing are too strict And maybe you should put your two DDR modules into Orange Slot (and not one in Orange, and one in Yellow) It is just an idea, I have this motherboard only since yesterday
  11. Thank you for your quick reply I'll test tonight with only 1x1Go Corsair to see if it is stable I'd like another confirmation about the possibility of boot with 2x512 and 2x1Go at the same time. Maybe somebody has already tried this.
  12. Hi Everybody ! I've recently install my new system, it works perfectly I've 2 x 512 Mo of A Data PC4000 (Hynix D43 or D5), put in Orange Slot, PC boot and works perfectly But, I have another one RAM Modules : 1 x 1 Go Corsair Value CAS3 PC3200 I have try to put this module into a yellow slot, but the Pc doesn't boot.... I think this is the cause of dual DDR (Currently, my Corsair is x1) My question is : If I bought again 1 x 1 Go Corsair Value CAS3 PC3200, is the Pc will boot ? (With 2x512Mo of AData and 2x1Go of Corsair) Thank you, and sorry for my bad English
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