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    My last hurrah

    I'm pretty sure this is infact a memory issue, I also play WoW and had the exact same area you where rerfering to when my memory was not configured properly. Maybe try running with only two sticks and see if you can get it configured correctly before moving too 4 if you havent already done this. Also makes sure your not overclocking your video cards.
  2. Okay thats what i thought, i thought there was some other option people where talking about.
  3. Hi, Im using the latest expert bios, and I have no idea where to find this setting people are talking about when enabling SLI, does it even exist anymore cause I looked under everything in the bios and cant seem to find it..... Was it renamed to something else
  4. Strife101

    DFI Expert safe?

    Everest reverses your temps - aka your aux temp is actually your cpu temp. But you should still add on 10 degrees to whatever its telling you. so if it says 22 degrees its probally around 32 degrees.
  5. Hi, Quick question, when I use 1.475 in the bios for my cpu core voltage, it kinda fluctuates back and forth from 1.47 to 1.48 in the bios's reading of the voltage. My question is should i pick a voltage that doesnt fluctuate cause if I put it at 1.485 it stays at a constant 1.48 in the bios and everests readings.
  6. great choice, this is simply the best power supply i have ever owned.
  7. Hmm whatever your saying doesnt sound right, I never heard of setting the jumper to master + slave on one drive. What you would do is set it to master on the harddrive and then the jumper on the cdrom should be set to slave if its on the same ide channel
  8. Strife101

    Row Cycle Time(tRC) Question

    I always enjoy ur opinion and I think your right i tried messing with them and the difference was so not worth while i just picked the auto setting that is looser because i know for a fact it will be stable.
  9. Strife101

    Row Cycle Time(tRC) Question

    will data corruption always happen if the trfc is below 16, cause once again I see a some of people in the overclocking database with lower then 16 trfc, although most seem to have 16 or higher.
  10. I read this in the overclocking forums: "For optimal performance, use the lowest value you can, according to the tRC = tRAS + tRP formula. For example, if your memory module's tRAS is 7 clock cycles and its tRP is 4 clock cycles, then the row cycle time or tRC should be 11 clock cycles." After looking in the overclocking database I found alot of people werent following this formula, and I also noticed that I can reduce my tRC to 7 which is supposedly the fastest and still be apparently stable even though my ram timings are 2.5, 3, 3, 8. Technically if I followd that formula my tRC should be 11. Is it better for me to use 7 or 11 as the tRC?
  11. Strife101

    Memory Trouble finding max speed

    What would upping my chipset voltage accomplish if anything?
  12. Strife101

    Memory Trouble finding max speed

    That makes alot of sense thanks for the tip.
  13. Strife101

    Memory Trouble finding max speed

    I think my problem is that after finding the max fsb of the memory, the vcore of my max cpu speed isnt high enough for the max fsb of the memory when I switch back and up the CPU multiplier. Is there anyway to avoid this when testing.
  14. Strife101

    Memory Trouble finding max speed

    So I should increase the cpu core a bit is what your saying correct? Also Im at 1.475V what is a safe amount of voltage to give it?
  15. Memory, First off I'm completely stable with my setup below, but I wanted to try seeing my max memory speeds after fine tuning the memory settings in the bios. I lowered my cpu speed down. and was able to get my memory stable at 225mhz doing the prime blending test. I then put the cpu speed back up tp 2700mhz with these same settings and it would pass SuperPi 32mb but fail the blend test in Prime95 right away. What I dont understand is how can the memory be stable when the CPU speed is down and then fail when I boost it. It cant be the CPU right? cause its stable if 2700mhz if the memory is at 210mhz. I tried increasing the voltage on the memory but that didnt seem to help to much, would increasing the vcore on the processor help?