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  1. got my toledo to 95c while doing some experaments with a pelt it was fine (stock volts and clocks) the pelt shut down accidentaly doesnt suprise me that it survived btw worst i expected was a crash but it didnt even do that o yeah i also have a problem with this mobo running hdds in pio mode it happens on usb and ide it is real anoying it brings my comp to a crawl what the heck?
  2. i shouldn't have to lol i mean if your gonna make a ocing mobo why isnt there a option for 100% fan all the time? and why would yoyu go through the trouble of making a auto fan option and not put a disable option?
  3. bump can someone fix this problem or point me to someone who can? i asume its a bios bug and as such it should be fixable right?
  4. grr.. any progress? come on dudes i paid 200$ for this mobo and it doesnt boot to usb or off-chipset controled cd drives, doesnt read temps correctly, doesnt support tccd ram, and it keeps turning off my fans cause of the temp misread..
  5. many lol same prob does it on both my sli-drs btw (one expert and one non expert)
  6. hey dudes i get alot of corrupton in the boot menu and i am unable to boot from cd drives ither attached to my sil 1334? controler, sil680, or a usb attached cd drive whats up with this its realy anoying to have to unplug my hdds to get my pc to boot from cd (i have 2 raids on my nforce controllers [8 hdds])
  7. he was using that mod on that jumper where you move that one so the bios thinks its set to 4v (there is a thread in the modifacatins section i think) well anyways his ram voltage was set to like 2.7v i believe dont remember for shure though it could have been 2.8 maby
  8. just thought i'd run it by you guys but my friend was running his x2 at 2700 (9x300) at 1.55v x 104% and it was unstable so we tried to go into the bios to bump it down a bit to try and get it satble when all of a sudden the mosfet on the lower right corner of the cpu mosfets emmited a flash and the comp shut down but the psu was still on upon further investigation it was determined that the hs was hot enough for the proc to have been around 90-100c at the time of shut down and the only way i see that happening is if the mobo had turned off the fan i realy dont see 1.612 frying the proc or 100c doing it ither cause ive seen my own x2 processor at 95c with 1.65v (pelt failure) and it wasnt even unstable btw my friends processor was stable enough to boot to the welcome screen on those settings and suposidly without the fan on after the incident was over we tested the fan and fan connector on the mobo they both worked so other than the realy hot hs and the exploding mosfet i havent the slightest clue what happened btw we tested the psu afterwards to check that and it was fine we did so with a psu tester for load and a volt meter
  9. running cold or having a 20 degree misread like my mobo.. my cpu fan is off alot of the time... i mean i payed 200$ for this mobo and its great but it doesnt't read temps right and it turns off the fans... :confused: wth..?
  10. sry guys i haven't been in this thread cause the thread didn't subscribe by default lol i kept checking user cp without seeing any replys lol well anyway a global disable for the auto fan speed and a range of 15c to 75 sounds great to me thanks so much guys for hearing me out on my request btw are you guys gonna be able to get this change implimented into te official bioses if you get all the bugs worked out? that isn't verry convenient for me and im shure many others but yes that is a solution lol
  11. meh id argue further but i dont realy care lol sry and im tierd.. good depate dude see ya round
  12. so what your saying is you have put a pelt on a hs and a heat source and the heat source ended up being hotter than it was before for example a p4 northwood and a stock heatsink im not denying that there is a crossover point where you will get hotter temps than before im just saying that doesnt happen when i think your are implying like i can understand you getting hotter temps on a pelt setup with a prescott and a passive hs about the size of a stock cooler btw remember as a hs getts hotter than the air around it the more heat it is able to displace through convection in a given amount of time so if you have a pelter setup and a normal setup the peltier hs is actualy disapating more heat per unit of time btw.. lol where do you take thermodynamics classes lol? tat might make for an intersting class..
  13. cant i have a raid on my ide chanels that take up all 4 chanels and thats the same for the sataon the nf4 (4xraid + 4xraid) ? i still need help with the sil boot problem and the fans shutting off aswell as the tempo misreads the prblem is that my temps are reading -25 and its shutting my fans off which hinders my overclock and btw other than my cpu i actualy do have -25 temops my comp btw that new bios fixed the coruption thx dudes
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