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  1. Here are my EVEREST Temps, and CPUZ pic. Do the temps seem high? This is idle as well. I have a Zalman 9700 (I think, its the big Zalman that is silver and has green fan light) Also, what is the Vcore suppose to be at? 1.4? I tried OC it to 214x16, 3424mhz and tried doing a dual SuperPi test one for both cores and the program just stopped responding. I upped the vcore to 1.450 and 1.475 but it didnt change much in everest, maybe to 1.35v. My BIOS doesn't have an option to change the divider for my RAM. I can only do User Limit DDR2 400,533, 667, 800. I limited it to 667 and lowered my HTT Multi to 4x. Still couldn't get it to run. I don't know what the problem is, also these temps seem high at idle so I'm worried about it being OC'd. Do I look at CPU? Or each of the core temps to determine temp? Any help? Thanks guys.
  2. Didn't know Rainbow Six was out yet for PS3.....3/1/07
  3. People People, let the PS3 be out for more than two weeks....jumping to some hefty conclusions already. No game is optimized to run the Cell CPU to its fullest, yes it will be hard to program so it fully utilizes it, but they do get paid to do these things and i think they will figure things out. I own a PS3, the Blu-Ray on 1080i is super sweet. Controller, doesnt feel as hefty as the xbox controller but i have always liked PS controller designs better anyways. AND have you seen Fight Night yet!?!? Don't tell me graphics are better for the xbox, that game is being launched here in Dec. Developers didnt have a whole lot of time to get that game ready, and it already passes the 360 graphics. Thing is debating PS3 and Xbox360 is like debating between Democrats and Republicans. Yes the commercials are freaking stupid PC > all
  4. So now I installed the patch...defraged the HD...set the refresh rate to 60...still not getting it to work...any other ideas..i reinstalled it too
  5. Well this is interesting. Good old techreport (http://techreport.com/reviews/2006q4/gefor...0/index.x?pg=15) did there little 3DMark06 benchies using a variety of the cards, including SLi and Crossfire set ups. It seems to me from looking at these scores the higher the resolution the better the 8800GTX does. It doesnt top off the X1950 XTX crossfire set up but it does manage to stay within a few points. To me that says it all, this one card is scoring as high as two 1950XTXs. Not to mention less power consumption, temp, yadadada. It will be interesting to see what kind of benchmarks you folks score with yours. I have no problem with ATI and there 1900 line of cards, I bet they are awesome. But this 8800 seems to eat it for breakfast. It will be sweet to see the ATI new cards vs the 8800. Good Thread.
  6. So i changed my resolution to 800 x 600 and then 60hz...nothing...changed it to 1024x768 60hz...nothing...1280x1024 60hz...nothing
  7. oh i gotcha that is what the help guide said too...I didnt...i just loaded optimized first then went back to CMOS....thanks guys
  8. k...i so was it a big deal that I didnt reset my Reloaded settings after I did CMOS clear....or should i redo the clear and load optys and then reset my OC and save it into a reloaded slot....then load from that?
  9. ill try that out....I would have thought that 7800Gts would work for it....
  10. I don't believe I flashed and updated BIOs.....i prolly should....wow im new to this BIOS/CMOS deal.....i have never messed around with it too much
  11. So I finally installed BF2 on this computer and when I tried running it it flickers at a blank screen and then quits to Desktop. I read some forums about it and all i could get out of them was that my card wasnt on the supported list and thats why it wasnt working....I dont know whether there is a patch or something to fix this or what to do...i am downloading the 1.41 path right now...ill let you know how it runs after i install it
  12. I changed the settings to Optimized right away....but tomorrow when I get up should i Clear CMOs and the reOC it.... and resave the settings into Reloaded??
  13. uh oh...i dont recall whether i did that or not....what should i do...go back to regular optimized settings and do a clear cmos again...then reload my OC ....or am I F'd right now...
  14. So I tried clearing my CMOS and I followed the instructions step by step...i had to reset the time and everything but should my CMOS Reloaded Profiles be deleted or should they still be there.....
  15. how many things you looking to upgrade....and what about how much money....before you start adding the other stuff you better get the OCZ psu...its pointless to have a dual core and plan to OC and have a new Gfx card when your PSU cant handle it....plus the OCZ psu is excellent choice....it just depends on how much you are spending and if you are updgrading just one of the choices or multiple choices
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