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  1. Alright thanks guys for the help, I got it working flawless right now. I just dont know if I should try flashing to 04/06 again.



    What happened was that as soon as you flash the BIOS or load optimized defaults, a lot of the times the BOOT sequence gets changed...which means that your Boot hard disk is no longer the first in the boot sequence....so always re-arrange the boot sequence to reflect the boot hard drive to appear before the other hard drives...

  2. My guess is there's a jumper setting problem....

    go into the BIOS and tell us if you can see your hard drive and optical drives detected.....all of them....if not, then you have a jumper/cable problem.

    you have 2 IDE ports...make sure you do this...

    1-Leave the hard drive ALONE on the IDE1 Port...

    2-make sure the optical drivers are plugged on the same IDE cable on port 2

    3-check the jumpers on both and make sure one is master and the other is slave..


    I can't stress this point enough, one master and the other slave on the same cable.


    And re-arrange the BOOT sequence in the BIOS accordingly to boot your windows installation cd from the optical drive you chose as MASTER just to be on the safe side....

  3. yes it's the only hdd hooked up on the mobo but I've changed to using only one ide cable on one of the slot on the mother board with master and slave configuration instead of two cables both setting it to master and now I receive "missing NTLDR". Is that a file in the windows set up disk?


    That's a system message when the bios can't find the OS


    just out of curiosity what is the CD or DVD rom drive you're using to install the cd/dvd with and that is the exact model of hard drive you're tryimg to install to?

  4. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=10854


    In that thread it says that for overclocking its recommend to have [email protected]

    The gamersxtream 700w has +12V1(15A), +12V2(15A), +12V3(15A), +12V4(15A)

    and the powerstream 600w has +12V1(20A), +12V2(18A)

    am I missing something? :confused:


    No...is just that the newer PSU's have sometimes 4 12v rails....which is nice...separate rails has its advantages and disadvantages....either of the 2 psu's will be awesome....

  5. Ah, didn't know it was black listed thanks for that :)

    I'm looking into getting the OCZ 700w GameXstream one and yeh, I can't find reviews on it either!

    Dont know whether I should just go for it or way for reviews?


    new sig-- :nod:


    That's brand new....I didn't even know about this PSU before yesterday it's seems a monster! lol

    OCZ doesn't need introductions when it comes to PSU's and it looks very nice too...

  6. I got up to 2.2 on the opteron, do you think I should stick to my Coolmax 550w power supply, or get OCZ gamerxtreme 600w or 700w? which has quad rails

    Well..the coolmax is in the PSU blacklist...so that maybe holding your overclock back....this new PSU from OCZ extreme something seems interesting....fairly new...I haven't come across any reviews yet though.....but being OCZ it must be awesome....and it's 15cm deep...which is awesome for people with small cases....

  7. Enabling that option in the bios alone won't cut it...

    There's a jumper on the motherboard that you need to move in order to power from the keyboard....and your PSU must have enought juice in the 5VSB rail to be able to start the MOBO....how much exactly I don't remember....but read the mobo manual and you'll find it...

  8. Didn't find any section 4 on that link...this card has just been released...too soon to be blaming on the nforce4 I think...I don't think a lot of people have that yet....plus, there's only one game if memory serves me right that takes any advantage of this card....so I'd wait until the platform is mature enough to justify the investment

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