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  1. Hey boys, just got myself a brand new eVGA 8800 GTS and upon installing the drivers I noticed that I can no longer overclock using coolbits, but through nTune....the problem is when I get to the page to overclock the card, there are two possible selections "default/no overclock" or "Custom" which in theory should allow me to overclock the card,


    however when I select "custom" to overclock it, the dot that marks the selection instead of changing from "default" to "custom", selects BOTH, "default" AND "Custom" and when I try to move the bars to increase the clock speeds, they are greyed out....


    Anybody had a problem like this?

    I tried removing the drivers and Ntune and reinstalling from scratch...it's a no go...I'm using the latest forceware drivers and ntune directly from the nvidia website...

  2. 7900GTO is nothing but a GTX with slower memory modules...they run at 1320mhz rather than the 1600mhz from the GTX...now when you overclock the memory from the GTO it reaches easily 1600mhz maybe more...so you got yourself a nice GTX in disguise...


    I had a GTO that now was stepped up to a 8800gts...hehehehe its memory reached 1600mhz which was the limit of the coolbits slide bar...

  3. The Viewsonic 20'' is an awesome monitor...I regret not getting for being afraid my graphics card at the time not being able to handle the native resolution of the monitor....I got the viewsonic vx922 instead, great monitor but when I see the screen real state of the widescreens it makes me wanna have one...

    the dell is an excelent monitor...but I'd go with the viewsonic

  4. When I installed the drivers that came with the CD I never had any problems and then creative released new drivers

    I installed them on top of the old ones...started having cracking sounds all over

    once i removed the drivers using driver cleaner and reinstalled the webdrivers from scratch, works beautifully

    So try uninstalling using driver cleaner and then reinstall the new drivers from the web...see if that helps

  5. The pwmic is a classy lady to cool....if only the design of the board was with the power regulators between the CPU socket and the I/O plate in the back, the freezer pro design would have been perfect...I was considering the Arctic Freezer pro for my board but the design led me to switch to our beloved XP-90 that has a downwards air flow and it cools the VRM modules...I have an opteron 165 like you and at 1.45V my pwmic never gets past 45C

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