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  1. ctrl + f1 within the BIOS mate....all gigabyte mobos are like that
  2. I used the ez flash on two asus board so far and it worked like a charm in your case you can try doing a CMOS clear with the battery removed to see if that helps
  3. Hey guys, I just got myself a P5B-Deluxe and after installing the Ai Suite and the Intel TAT they both report different core temperatures which seems normal, however, I was under the impression that TAT was supposed to ALWAYS give HOTTER temps than the Super I/O chip on the mobo(in this case the ITE chip that feeds all other apps including the AI Suite) But that doesn't seem to be the case with me... After 8 hours of Orthos torture this is what I got... http://i55.photobucket.com/albums/g122/oce...n75/3200mhz.jpg So my question is, which one is correct??
  4. Question for the cooling experts here...before when I had an Athlon x2 people usually recommended to have the temperatures of the core below 50ºC for constant use(not talking about record overclocks here) So what's the safe temperature for the Core2 Duos for 24/7 use??
  5. I'm having the same "issue" What kind of temps you're having there?
  6. I have the Extreme and there's something to be a little concerned about once you get the mounting place and screw it against the backplate even with the screws tightly pressed you notice that the cooler "moves" or "spins" around its center to be precise...I thought it was a malfunction but it seems that "it's like that" according to a lot of people and anantech included...so although the cooler looks like it's not gonna fall, I feel a bit uneasy...I don't know if the guys that have the tuniq tower have the same problem...
  7. I idle at 38ºC and load at 50ºC on orthos
  8. Do you ship it to Montreal? if so, how much?
  9. Do you ship it to Montreal, Canada? if so, how much?
  10. No offense....but I think it's kind of ugly...
  11. I have a question for the Gigabyte DS3/S3 Owners... I noticed those boards have the two Purple connectors that run off of the Jmicron controller...the question is...Can I build a RAID 0 and still use the IDE port for my DVD Burner, or that doesn't work?
  12. I'm planning on setting up a RAID 0 on my next RIG so I'd like to ask...why was it a bonehead move to setup a stripe to 128k, what should it be set to?
  13. I have my eye on it...specially for the price...not to mention it has TWO IDE Ports and it ditches the crappy jmicron controller...for that price is very tempting...I just need to know if it reaches 350mhz FSB that's enough for me...anyway, lets wait and see if any other members heard of it...
  14. Anybody heard anything about this board?? http://www.pccanada.com/viewitem.asp?id=5627 it seems like a steal for the price, I'm thinking how good it overclocks..
  15. So what you're saying is that the IR blaster component that comes with the libraries for the top boxes belongs to snapstream and not haupauge ?
  16. I know! I've read an awesome review on MaximumPC October's edition plus a friend of mine actually has it installed and showed me how it works...I since fell in love with the idea and want to build one of my own...but this incompatibility things scares me...if I invest all the money needed and the IR blaster doesn't work with my satellite setup I don't know what I will do...
  17. I'm planning on buying the bundle from snapstream that comes with beyond TV and that same TV Tuner you're mentioning...but I'm scared as hell when I looked in the IR blaster's database and saw that my sattelite receiver is not listed as being compatible...I heard that you can create custom profiles and the software guides you on setting up one if your receiver is not listed in the database of the IR blaster...since you have the exact same config...can you tell me how this "custom" works or how do you get a box that is not listed in the database to work...if you can of course... I'd appreciate any input you can give me on this
  18. For the PVR I would strongly recommend the bundle in this website
  19. Yes...the latest, the earliest lol tried them all Temps hover around 73ºC under load which seems to be normal for this GPU. I didn't check the voltages on my powerstream no, but do you think if the PSU was insufficient would cause a FPS drop on one specific game? Anyway, the only thing I didn't try was to reinstall the game itself... I guess I'll try that to see if that helps... I'm really stumped because on Oblivion the performance increased DRASTICALLY over the 7900GTO. Anyway, if nobody else had this problem in battlefield 2142 I guess I'll have to live with it... but thanks for all the suggestions guys
  20. It has nothing to do with the server...I never had this problem before with my 7900GTO...now with the 8800gts is GUARANTEED that every single map I play has frame drops....all of them....constantly....
  21. Well I finally managed to get my hands on a modified driver version from tweaksrus.com and it has the classic control panel, fantastic! now for another problem that I was having from day one with my 8800GTS Only happens in Battlefield 2142...I have HORRIBLE frame drops throughout the game even decreasing the visual quality that I had working fine with my old 7900GTO, still drops constantly, I tried several driver revisions and it still happens...anybody else having this problem?
  22. I didn't....it's a stepup from eVGA I'm using XP Pro... Yes...I used all the latest versions from the nvidia website...I gave up on trying to do it through ntune....I'm trying now with riva tuner...let's see hot that turns out
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