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  1. I'm currently searching for a good PSU for my new case build. Does anyone here know how well the CoolerMaster PSUs perform?


    There are two different types of Coolermaster....the Extreme Power series which are pieces of junk and the Real Power series, that actually are quite good....you just have to look at the prices to have an idea...extreme power series sell for as low as $30 sometimes, same wattage real power ones sell for around $100...so there's your answer

  2. didn't the Romans go through this a couple thousand years ago? Thinking they were the hottest . in the known world right before they pretty went under for...well forever so far lol.


    Thank the Carthaginians, specifically Hannibal for that...guy had balls to invade Italy when the romans were at the top of their own game...

  3. :sad:1024x768 and all low settings


    That's your answer man...at that resolution and setting the game is mostly CPU bound, so your aging athlon64 socket 754 SINGLE channel is a serious bottleneck, you might as well increase the resolution and quality settings and play at the same frame rates...

  4. However that is just a logical guess...I don't even know of anyone who has 2x of the new 38xx cards lol


    I was gonna go for two 3850 in crossfire as the performance equals about an 8800GTX, but the bandwidth thing on my 4x slot kept me away from it, so I ended up with a 8800GT instead...lol


    But you never know, I wanted to see if these new generation cards started to saturate the 4x slot to the point that it would degrade performance considerably. I guess we'll have to wait for a brave soul to have the cojones and money of course to buy and test two of those in a 4x/16x crossfire setup...

  5. Since these are relatively new video cards, I was wondering if anyone here tested the new 38xx series in crossfire in any mobo that has a 965p or P35 intel chipset that is "blessed" with a 16x/4x setup?

    A lot of us have 965P or P35 setups so I was wondering, how much of a performance hit does the 4x interface bring, or if it's not even worth adding a second 38xx in crossfire

  6. RMA is for something that is defective if I'm not mistaken...

    Not sure the manufacturer will "accept" your card if it's not defective...either way, they sure as hell won't give you another model....they will fix whatever you sent them or give you a new one of the same model

  7. Well, if your friend is using the latest official unified drivers for nvidia, he might be in for some fun, two of my co-workers who have nvidia cards are experiencing the exact same problems since they updated to the latest 160.xx drivers

    I'm using 158.xx and I don't have any problems with vista...

    So have him try a previous stable driver version

  8. thank god I'll never use Vista

    The problem he was referring to pertains to 32-bit addressability and it happens to all OSs not vista only, try and stick 4gbs of RAM on a Windows XP 32 and stick two 8800 GTXs in SLI and you'll have the same problem.


    and yes...you'll switch to vista eventually, when all the initial problems are fixed...

    You probably hated XP when it first came out in 2001 didn't you?


  9. You have to make sure you select "Apply these settings on windows startup" otherwise everything goes back to its defaults

    I manage to select my 8800gts fan speed to startup at 85% as the 60% for me doesn't cool well enough....at 85% is barely audible anyway so I'm happy with rivatuner 2.02, awesome piece of software

  10. This Gary guy you're referring to, is he from anandtech?

    If so, this information that 2560 resolution is what's needed to saturate the bandwidth, did he tell you this personally, or you saw it on an article he wrote?

    I'd appreciate it if you could provide me with the url of the article in question if there's one, as this is a very interesting subject for me...

    Thanks in advance

  11. Shows precisely what has been said all along. In real world usage basically no difference in perceivable difference.


    You said that to saturate the 8x bandwidth you need to run above 2560 resolution, well the test showed that the difference between 8x and 16x on a 1600x1200 resolution(way below what you suggested) already shows 10fps difference in call of duty 2. So if the resolution increases, the interface bottleneck will be even mode evident, wouldn't you agree?

    Specially considering his case that purchased an 8800 ultra.

  12. Are you kidding me? problems with summer up there in the yukon mate?

    Wanna switch???

    here in Montreal it's been toasty, even with air conditioning is hard to swallow.

    Going back to you're problem, the only way to be sure if you "fried" one DVI port is trying to use your card on a different PC...or maybe resetting your mobo to factory defaults, clear CMOS and all that good stuff....

  13. Found the answer in another forum...

    It seems some 965 boards include gigabytes have this problem, as soon as the FSB is raised above a certain level the link width for the 16x slot goes to 1x after a WARM boot, the solution apparently is to raise the North Bridge voltage a bit, in my case I just set it to the first available voltage, 1.25v I think....it WORKS!

  14. Hey guys, in my adventures overclocking my ASUS P5B-Deluxe I noticed something really weird, the games were all choppy and slowing down to a crawl and after some troubleshooting I found out the problem was the Main graphics slot that is supposed to work @16x was working @1x !!!

    To confirm my suspicions I ran 3dmark 03 and my Core2duo E6420 @3.2GHZ with an eVGA7900GS overclocked to 580/1600mhz scored a measly 10500 !

    Just to give you an idea, my old system X2 3800+ with a 7800GT scored 17000 !!

    So long story short, If my FSB goes beyond 360mhz the PEG slot runs @1x rather than 16x

    Anybody here heard about this problem? maybe it's a setting that I have to change and don't know...

    by the way, the PCI Bus is locked at 33mhz and the PCIex is locked at 100mhz


    this is driving me nuts I'd appreciate any feedback from you guys

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