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  1. Most lilkely the processor his friend lent him was an old clawhammer core which has no problems booting with any bioses....his processor however looks like it could be a venice core that sometimes needs a bios flash to work properly
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    Check on NCIX.com , that's where I bought my powerstream...I paid CAN$155 plus taxes and shipping, but they have very good prices overall...heck...you're in B.C. you might as well go to the store...lol I think they're in Vancouver though.... Another good website to check is www.dangeo.com that's in Alberta, but hey, there you don't pay the PST.....hehehehehe
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    Can you tell me where in the DFI website that is stated?
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    I did, and not once have I seen anywhere stating that 480watts was a minimum requirement back in october last year...heck, not even here in this forum until recently was this "stated" .... Bottom line is, it should be on the DFI website, I know sometimes manuals that ship with boards are outdated, but nothing prevents the company from updating their own website...
  5. If you wanna overclock your CPU, eliminate the memory of the equation, this might be holding you back...what I mean by this is put the memory in the lowest divider possible....and then on default voltage, try increasing the FSB....you have to find out the max of each component first before trying all at once
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    I guess you better ask the admin of this forum, apparently that IS the minimum requirement for the boards, no argument there...I just think it would be nice for costumers to know this fact BEFORE they choose this board...because on the package and in the DFI's website this little fact is NOT mentioned, on the sticker that comes onto the power conector it doesn't state 480w at all....but a 350w....so costumers like me who bought the board thinking the power supply I had would be enough, come here thinking everything is fine and then are told that we're not getting any support if our PSU is not a minimum 480w and are obliged to buy a new power supply.
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    Did you check here
  8. :-( Well Thanks again... I was gonna put in my girlfriend's rig, she has an Antec Smart Power 2.0 350w...it would have been a nice change...lol
  9. I have to disagree with you on this Angry, I read the thread on the "PSU's to avoid" and it states that the Ultra X-Connect is the one to avoind first of all because it's a 20 pin PSU, but the one the gentleman has is a X-finity, which is a NATIVE 24pin, and it's also SLI Certified....now Nvidia wouldn't certify a PSU if it was crap now would it?
  10. Have any idea where I can get a hold of one of those in Canada, even if it's a US retailer that ships to Canada? Thanks
  11. The 520 SLI as the name suggests is SLI certified....how is it not enough to run SLI?
  12. You are talking about the old x-connects which are 20 pins....his is the new 24pin EPS12V, SLI Certified.....how can it be crap?
  13. Your PSU is fine dude...what the other person meant was that you can not use an "adapter" to use it with a native 20 pin PSU... Your PSU is NATIVE 24PIN so you're covered....
  14. The ONLY difference between them is that the first one (SLI-DR) has an extra RAID controller with 4 SATA ports
  15. I got mine working at 240mhz @ with 2.7v, but since my CPU is running @ HTT250 I had to put the memory on a divider since there was no way I could put this memory 1:1 with the CPU @ 500mhz right now I'm running as my sig shows....
  16. Where did you read that review...I used to have the Ultra PSU and it worked flawlessly even overclocked for me.... As the majority of the reviews of this PSU....all of them had good things to say about its stability so I'm curious to see this review you mentioned....
  17. Me too, it's quiet like you wouldn't believe...the only complain I have is that is long(175mm) and it's a classy lady to install in a small case like my antec superlanboy, but I got in with not so deep DVD+RW....
  18. You're not meeting the minimum requirement for the power supply dude....it has to be a 24 pin compatible and minimum 480 watts Pretty much sure your system is underpowered
  19. This may sound stupid but I'd give it a try....there's nothing like a good and old CMOS clear and load optimized defaults afterr....it helped me in a lot of cases...if that doesn't help, there could be a power problem in your appartment, in that case I'd try installing an UPS which not only serves as a battery backup but also "filters" the current that goes into your PSU....
  20. You have to set your mind on wether you want it enable it or not and then install windows xp....XP doesn't like when you change ACPI after it was installed because the kernel installed is different on both instances.... hope this answers your question
  21. I have an OCZ Powerstream 520 which has 33A on the 12v rail....are you telling me that my psu is not able to handle SLI?
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