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  1. That's the source of my problems I believe...my ac97 shares the same IRQ with the Sata controller....I disabled everything I don't need but no matter what settings I try in the BIOS the freaking sound controller ends up sharing an irq with the damn sata controller....result?

    Sound stops at gaming....after about 20 minutes....

    does anybody know a way of manually changing irq's in XP if there's any?

  2. It will not work with a USB floppy, just last week I had to reinstall windows on my raid-0 because a virus program curropted one of the drives. I have a USB floppy that I use to flash my bios and it works when flashing bios but when I used it on F6 for the black floppy that came with my board it will not recognize it. I put the native floppy on and it instantly got it recognized and I was able to install raid drivers.


    That's what I tought... ;)

  3. Single core CPU's overclock better as a general rule...apparently the opterons are kings when it comes to overclocking...so maybe you could try one...people that have those seem to be very happy with it...

  4. The ltd voltage you can up to 1.30 v might help out.If your running ok on a divider most likely your memory needs tweeking.


    Isn't the LDT voltage the Hypertransport voltage? if that's the case why would a voltage increase in that make any difference as long as his Hypertransport is within spec? say...at 3x multiplier

  5. Well, after a lot of head scratching and swapping of modules, I have them all in and recognized - only they're running at 333.

    Now it boots with 2GB of RAM, but at 333.

    When the memory runs at 333 with 4 sticks is a limitation of the cpu memory controller...never the board....the board can run fine at 400mhz....no matter what bios you have, if you have an old revision CPU (Clawhammer) for instance, it won't run at 400....the new ones "Venice, San Diego, X2's" can all run at 400mhz with 4 dimms....

  6. now if i could figure out why the SATA RAID floppy disk won't work for Windows XP Pro SP2 setup...


    I know you can boot from a USB key, however I'm not sure if within the windows installation process a USB key would be recognized as a "floppy" I think when windows looks for "raid drivers" it specifically looks for a floppy, not usb keys...then again I'm not 100% sure....


    Booting from a USB key is another story since it's not windows that looks for the device...it's the BIOS itself....

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