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  1. How about Hockey???

    I'm curious as to if a member here likes hockey, which team in the NHL do they root for?


    How about that?


    I have no idea what's the most popular hockey team in the U.S. I know which one is the best right now, but would love to know which team you guys root for

  2. Isolationist thinking is certainly popular these days. No, I don't think we should go "barging in" when we have no business being in another country. However, when people there clearly could use our help and we have the capability to do so, would we really be in the right to NOT help?


    Edit: That isn't to say that the US should be the one to do it though. Personally I'd like to see the UN grow some balls.


    When people need help of course it should be done

    Agree with you there...


    My problem is that the UN doesn't even have a chance to show some "balls" as you put it, since before anything can be done, the U.S. decides to go in and do it themselves because they can...

    And I think that's a very wrong thing to do


    With being the military power comes great responsibility and it should be used when and only when it's necessary...


    Let me ask you something Dan...you seem like a very smart guy, do you honestly believe in any of that Weapons of mass destruction crap?

  3. Why don't you tell that to the people of every country fighting to end the reign of their current dictator.


    And yes, some people are more "free" than others. At last count there are 193 recognized "nation states". But lets just look at the nations that call themselves Communist. The Peoples Republic of China, Republic of Cuba, Democratic People's Republic of Korea(North Korea), Lao People's Democratic Republic, Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Cyprus and Moldova. That totals five communist countries out of almost 200 current nation states.


    The US and Americans have been helpful if not instrumental in an almost 80% reduction in the number of communist countries in a little under 50 years. Impressive.



    Whoever made the United States the enforcer of who should or should not be communist?


    Whoever made the United States the enforcer of who should or should not be muslim?


    By arbitrarily meddling and invading other countries on what you "believe" is against your principles, you devoid these countries of the very freedom you claim you fight for...


    Shame on YOU for thinking for a second you can go and barging in anybody's backyard


    if it were someone barging in your house's backyard, I think you would shoot the person on the spot, defending your property no questions asked


    Being a military superpower doesn't give you the right to do as you see fit on other countries businesses


    Abusing your status as a military superpower across the globe is the VERY reason why you are targets to terrorism...

  4. @Oceanborn


    You find me one human being that WANTS to live under communist rule and you will have found a loser that wants to depend upon others for his welfare.


    I never said it was a good regime....I said....if it happens elsewhere in the world WHY do YOU care?


    It's not the United States' problem...so let everybody else live their own way

    I don't agree the way muslim societies dictate their freedoms or lack thereof,

    But I don't go barging in their backyard telling them it's wrong, if they wanna live like that, so be it, it's not my problem and it shouldn't be anybody else's but their own

  5. You and the others that would rather believe that the greatest nation this earth

    Greatest Nation on Earth?

    Did you actually live anywhere else?


    You might wanna check this out



    To be so negative and self loathing must be a terrible way to live.


    You can't possibly think positively about what's happening with the US

    economy right now.


    When the Chinese Communist are funding Hugo Chavez in Venezuela and the former Soviet Union is flexing its military muscle again, you'd rather rant about the 9/11 Attacks and and Economy that you really don't understand.


    What about communism??

    if it happens elsewhere in the world and they wanna live like that why do you care???


    About saddam killing the kurdistan people, it sucks, but that's why there's a UNITED NATIONS...


    Do you honestly believe that ANY nation has the right to just invade another nation as they see fit?


    give me a break...

  6. wherever you go, find out what it takes to become a Canuck citizen .

    I'd imagine that being an american citizen I'd be easier for you, you have to fill out the aplication for a permanent residency, they will evaluate your application based on:

    a)language skills(in your case It shouldn't be a problem

    b)professional experience

    c)education level

    d)marital status(I believe married couples have a better chance than single aplicants)



    plus the hockey thing...is actually more important to us than politics


    It'd better be...here is not a sport....it's a religion, like Tim hortons lol


    Canada is one of the most wired countries I think...they had something like 66% roll-out of broadband back when USA had barely 5% roll-out.

    Alberta province is the very example of that...if I'm not mistaken Calgary is on obtic fiber for a while now...the whole city


    It's BITTER xxxxING COLD everywhere except BC, which is of course the most expensive place to live besides Toronto/Montreal/Ottawa.


    Make sure you stay away from the prairies !!!! there's no mountains to block the chilling wind...

  7. Whats the house rental market like in Canada? Is it easy to find a 3 bed house to rent for 6 months full/part/no furniture?


    Hard to find decent places that are affordable. Since you're going out west your situation isn't any better as Vancouver always was the most expensive square foot in the country, and now Calgary is catching up since the city has an extensive technological background, and is growing a lot.


    a good place to start your search is www.mls.ca

    it might give you some ideas...

  8. Up to this point my all around favorite game was Oblivion, but this Witcher one is cutting pretty darn close. All the aspects of the game are so different from what you are used to see in an RPG, I suspect even people that are not into RPGS will love this game. The only drawback I see is the occasional crashes, later I found why people are having this problem. I managed to pull up a task manager screenshot while the game was still running and it was consuming 1.5gb of RAM by itself, mind you I have 3gb or so and don't notice any slowdowns, but the sheer amount of RAM this game uses puts battlefield 2 to shame...lol

  9. I've gotten to the Part V

    I'm very impressed with the game, it doesn't seem to end, I LOVE IT!

    the combat system is one of the most welcoming features, not to mention sleep with all kinds of babes is a definite plus....I bought the European Uncensored version....it's freaking awesome!

  10. That's the new audio module in vista that converts all multi channel into Stereo output

    there are workarounds this if you have a creative sound cards with the alchemy project

    but with the realtek drivers I'm not sure...do some googling on it...you might get lucky

  11. i'm going to install windows vista 32 on my rig below,

    i went to dfi's website to see if there is any raid driver, and i haven't found any,

    anyway, my raid0 configuration is on the nVIDIA nForce controller,

    will vista recognize that during the installation or do i have to load some raid drivers,

    thanks in advance


    Nope...you'll need to load the drivers...thankfully, vista is not as archaic as XP and accepts USB flash drivers as source for drivers install as opposed to floppys only.


    I have an ICHR8 and had to load the intel drivers from my USB key on the first install...

  12. Reinstalled mine twice with a cpu, mobo, and hard drive change in the middle and I didn't have any problems. This of course was before I completely unistalled it and put it in a box next to the other never installed, never used copy I have of it.


    Of course...but once you enter your OEM license and windows is ACTIVATED, your machine spec is sent to microsoft, after that if you try and change the Motherboard you WILL be required to activate your windows again, receiving a shiny message saying you "altered" your hardware since first activation....as I mentioned on my first post it HAPPENED to me when updated my mobo chipset drivers...

  13. iv re-iinstalled my 64bit home premium oem 3 times since each time the installation was bugged


    and i did activate it 3 times aswell


    all the times i did it over the net


    and my XP iv installed like 50 times, if online doesnt work, just give them a call


    Provided you don't change the Motherboard or CPU...in his case, he mentions a CPU change...if his OEM license was already activated with the old CPU, after changing the CPU vista WILL complain that the hardware has been changed and he will have to call microsoft

  14. Well, I've traveled AA, Continental, Delta, United and found the service to be pretty much the same, until last may, me and my GF went to London, England and we flew British Airways...I know you guys are mostly talking about American companies, but I have to emphasize how GOOD their service is...I never thought flying coach could be so "Uneventful", I was really impressed how much they seem to actually give a . about their passengers, not only that but the food is edible, too bad they only service from the U.K.

  15. Interesting...i added a second 120mm fan crossflowing from the hard drive cage to the video card and id idles at 54ºc....If no fan is placed or if I rely just on the front intake fan the temperatures climb to 61ºc

    on load the temperature never get past 70ºC with the extra fan...anything to cool those hot 8800GT

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