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    eVGA 8800GTS woes

    I didn't....it's a stepup from eVGA I'm using XP Pro... Yes...I used all the latest versions from the nvidia website...I gave up on trying to do it through ntune....I'm trying now with riva tuner...let's see hot that turns out
  2. Yes it does...Gigabyte released a revision 2.0 of this board that is a different layout...including a second 16x PCIex slot (4x electrically)....
  3. It got me hooked too...shame the board is nowhere to be found here in the north pole...
  4. Oceanborn

    unnessary processes for XP

    www.tweakxp.com is a very good starting point...
  5. Oceanborn

    So Ya Think You Want to Go to Vista Huh???

    That's not a very nice thing to say...
  6. Oceanborn

    The HUGE BIG-BIG Windows Vista Thread

    For you guys that have creative sound cards wanting to "fix" the Sound problem in vista where sound is only 2-speaker/stereo check this out... http://preview.creativelabs.com/alchemy/default.aspx
  7. The only component that you cannot change if you want to keep your OEM version active is the motherboard...everything else is fair game as per microsoft...
  8. There's no such thing as overkill PSU....you never know what you're gonna be upgrading....plus...it was stated in this forum time and again that 20 pin PSU's are a hazard for DFI NF4 boards...specially the lanpartys
  9. Oceanborn

    Funny sounds from my mobo

    Could it be the chipset fan by any chance?
  10. Oceanborn

    eVGA Replacement Card

    7900GTO is nothing but a GTX with slower memory modules...they run at 1320mhz rather than the 1600mhz from the GTX...now when you overclock the memory from the GTO it reaches easily 1600mhz maybe more...so you got yourself a nice GTX in disguise... :-) I had a GTO that now was stepped up to a 8800gts...hehehehe its memory reached 1600mhz which was the limit of the coolbits slide bar...
  11. Oceanborn

    Widescreen LCD

    The Viewsonic 20'' is an awesome monitor...I regret not getting for being afraid my graphics card at the time not being able to handle the native resolution of the monitor....I got the viewsonic vx922 instead, great monitor but when I see the screen real state of the widescreens it makes me wanna have one... the dell is an excelent monitor...but I'd go with the viewsonic
  12. Oceanborn

    680i, Are all of these the same?

    It seems all 680is are manufactured under nvidia's specs....even the BIOS is supplied by nvidias...so there shouldn't be a difference between then afaik
  13. Oceanborn

    X-Fi Crackling/Popping - Ultra-D

    When I installed the drivers that came with the CD I never had any problems and then creative released new drivers I installed them on top of the old ones...started having cracking sounds all over once i removed the drivers using driver cleaner and reinstalled the webdrivers from scratch, works beautifully So try uninstalling using driver cleaner and then reinstall the new drivers from the web...see if that helps
  14. Good old Angry is back...hehehehe Long live the street!!
  15. Trying to flash to a newer BIOS would be something worth trying....
  16. Oceanborn

    Opteron 165 (2x1MB) vs 3700+ San Diego (1x1MB)

    Well, some games are already taking advantages of multi core CPUs....it`s just a matter of time until all the new games becomes multi-threaded...
  17. Yes....you can put a 1x card in a 4x slot but not the other way around....
  18. Oceanborn

    8X or 16X ?

    It seems you didn't move the jumpers properly.... they all have to be in position 2-3 if I'm not mistaken...
  19. Oceanborn

    4gb of RAM problem

    Any chance you forgot to disable "CPC (Command per clock) in the GENIE BIOS?? you're running 4 sticks of ram after all...
  20. You can try to uninstall and reinstall the Nvidia network drivers or, you can use the marvell port instead
  21. You pretty much answered your own question....you didn't mod the chipset, so SLI won't work...
  22. The pwmic is a classy lady to cool....if only the design of the board was with the power regulators between the CPU socket and the I/O plate in the back, the freezer pro design would have been perfect...I was considering the Arctic Freezer pro for my board but the design led me to switch to our beloved XP-90 that has a downwards air flow and it cools the VRM modules...I have an opteron 165 like you and at 1.45V my pwmic never gets past 45C
  23. Oceanborn

    Help the newbie

    First thing you need to do is create a signature here so forum members can assist you better, concerning your memory problem, setup the memory to DEFAULT timings and run a complete series of memtest to see if it will pass....then post your results here
  24. Also, if everything else fails...try setting your RAM to Command Rate 2T instead of 1T....in other words, DISABLE "cpc" in the BIOS....
  25. Hey man, I'm from Canada as well...NCIX the biggest online retailer in Canada has a special on a fairly new, but decent PSU according to the reviews on the site this week...take a look at this it might be interesting to you...http://www.ncix.com/products/index.php?sku...em&promoid=1016