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    OCZ GX XTC 2x1GB - rubbish overclock?

    The OCZ Gold XTC'S are PC4000 Rated at, these are chips that overclock well, but the timings are conservative.... One other thing about this memory is that because it's rated for DDR500, it does NOT like tight timmings....so input the right timmings as the memory is rated for and you should be fine
  2. Oceanborn

    X2 3800 OC Bios settings

    What are the specs of your memory? default timings and voltage?, you should have that info on your original package that the memory came with...
  3. Oceanborn

    SLI-D+OCZ Platinum Rev. 2

    Clear the cmos entirely, load optimized defaults and try again, if that doesn't work you migh have to flash it again I had the same memory before and it worked flawlessly
  4. Oceanborn

    OC to 2.5 w/ Tax Refund...Maybe

    OCZ Gold pc4000....since you're gonna be running your HTT at 250 so you can run your CPU/MEMORY @ 1:1 instead of a divider....
  5. Oceanborn

    X2 3800 OC Bios settings

    Always leave your CPU multiplier at the default setting which in your case is 10,.... the LDT/FSB leave it at auto since it works well in all scenarios...
  6. Oceanborn

    X2 3800 OC Bios settings

    Well, basically now since you reached your desired CPU speed, the next logical step is to tweak the memory... use the a64 tweaker which is a software that runs in windows mode and allows you to play with memory timings...I used it and loved it...
  7. Oceanborn

    Non-sli Multi Gpu Help!!!

    Well then if they are not identified properly in the device manager you have to install them properly, otherwise no quad monitors....
  8. Oceanborn

    computer boots slow..

    Enz my man....here's the thing...if you wanted to get another video card to have more than two monitors to work with I understand why you wanted to buy the crappy x300se to save some money, but why the heck didn't you order a card from nvidiam like a geforce 6200 ?? at least both card would need only one driver rather than having ATI and Nvidia in the same system... remove the x300se and see if the system boots up faster.... just out of curiosity....
  9. Oceanborn

    Non-sli Multi Gpu Help!!!

    Enz, are BOTH cards identified in the device manager properly??
  10. I have problems with this memory if I set voltage for anything other than 2.7 in the orange slots....
  11. Oceanborn

    Non-sli Multi Gpu Help!!!

    By the way....pardon me for asking but...do you really plan on using more than 2 monitors?? are you a graphic designer? Anyway, besides that tip I told you I guess you'll have to make sure both video cards are properly detected in windows and setup so you can have 3 or 4 monitors..... cheers
  12. Oceanborn

    Non-sli Multi Gpu Help!!!

    There are in each jumper set THREE collumns, right now they are closing on columns 2 and 3, that means your PCIe lanes are divided 16x and 2x for the bottom one, what you have to do is use the special tool that looks like a clip holder that came with your motherboard and REMOVE all 6 jumpers from the positions 2 and 3 and put every single one of them on position closing pins 1 and 2. Sorry I can't be more specific than this...and I'm sure they mention this on the manual....
  13. Oceanborn

    Non-sli Multi Gpu Help!!!

    He has a Ultra-D, he has to physically move all the 6 jumpers between the two PCIex slots...only with the Lanparty Expert you have the option to change it in the BIOS...
  14. Oceanborn

    Non-sli Multi Gpu Help!!!

    Did you move your jumpers in the middle of the board so both PCIex Slots run @ 8x?
  15. Oceanborn

    Quick power supply question

    Just out of curiosity...did you check to see if the power conector that links the power button of your case to your motherboard connector isn't loose, or inverted, or maybe disconnected altogether? It seems your motherboard is getting power, is just not being initialized.... Just wondering before you going on a rampage and buying a new power supply if you don't need to...
  16. I apologize to the moderators in advance, but I wasn't sure where to post this... tell me what you guys think about this... http://www.anandtech.com/tradeshows/showdoc.aspx?i=2713
  17. Oceanborn

    So how about this guys....

    Thought so too....the comroe spanks the Athlon64 in its own domain, gaming! Amazing...too bad there's not much disclosed about the architecture itself...I don't think Intel uses integrated memory controllers like AMD...anyway....let the wars begin....
  18. Oceanborn

    AMD X2 3800+ Temperature?

    Anything below 50C under load is considered advisable...a little bit higher is ok...but not too much
  19. Oceanborn

    opty 146 or x2 3800

    Yes...you should get some manners dude, your're asking opinion on two different procs, obviously a single core proc overclocks better, but it always depends on the usage, games or multi-theaded apps....so you're answer should be pretty obvious...in which case...do some research...
  20. Not too much....both are power hungry...I'd go with any that has at least 34A on the 12V rail....
  21. 430 Watt PSU for an Overclocked Dual Core CPU and Geforce 7800gtx that is also probably overclocked?? hehehe I'm amazed you even got past 220HTT Your PSU surely ran out of 12V Ampères.....which is what feeds your dual core proc and Video card....
  22. Oceanborn

    opty 146 or x2 3800

    You're comparing apples and oranges here man...the Opteron 146 is a single core proc whereas the x2 is a dual....
  23. Take a look at my sig....my setup is prime stable.... Hope it helps
  24. Oceanborn

    Is this a Faulty CPU?

    Just out of curiosity....when you boot into windows @ 2000mhz.....what is the temperature of the CPU?
  25. Oceanborn

    OCZ EL plat 2g(1024x2) :-(

    I guess I'm kinda screwed cuz I don't think the guys at the store will take the memory back under the reason "it doesn't overclock good..."....lol Anyway, thanks for the advice....