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  1. It seems your BIOS is not assigning resources(namely IRQ) to the video card as it should and it gives you that message...with the new BIOS see if there's a option in "PCI Configuration" that says "Reset Configuration Data" .... Change that to AUTO, it should be "disabled" by default
  2. Ok guys...I have the same camera as you and don't have any issues now...However, back in the days I had my P4 on an ASUS P4P800 I had a weird issue....the camera would display the image and it would freeze almost automatically...in other words, there was no motion...as if it had taken a picture and that was it... It all happened after I decided to visit www.tweakxp.com to improve my system, however one of the suggestions they made is to improve system response was to change an option in the system right click my computer, choose properties, choose advanced, and then "performance options"....then application performance....you'll see two possible choices.."Applications or System Cache" if I'm not mistaken... Never EVER choose "System Cache" of you'll have yourself the Logitech camera frozen or maybe black screen.... once I chose "Applications" like it was before...the problem dissapeared.... Again, don't know if that's your problem, but you can give that a try....
  3. The only thing the bridge does is help distribute the bandwidth between the cards, it doesn't enable anything in the BIOS.....I have my 7800gt at the bottom slot working at 8x and it works fine.... Rgone mentioned something about if the card not working the chipset doesn't assign the lanes....so I gotta ask 1st- did you try the new flashed card in the upper PCI slot? does it work? 2nd-does the old card work at the bottom slot? try plugging the old card(the one that wasn't flashed) ALONE at the bottom PCIex slot and see what happens...hell if you're gonna have to RMA the board you might as well try it....
  4. Well it seems you installed the jumpers properly as far as I can see, so there's no reason why the BIOS wouldn't show 8x N/C 8x 4x That's the first time I see this problem here... The chipset provides right setup when you move to the standard position assigning all 20 PCIex lanes to the respective slots but when you move them to SLI, 11 PCIex lanes dissapear! I guess this is a case for Gurus here.... Sorry man have no clue what the problem might be since you already tried different BIOSes....
  5. That could be the case, but then why are his PCIex setting showing like this?? it seems as tough his chipset is not assigning PCIex lanes for the 16x slot at all....
  6. Oceanborn

    Custom Sig Requests + Sig discussion

    Hi ACE, it looks like you're the man when it comes to sigs... I was wondering if you make one for me.... I was wondering about using one of these images as background to reflect my nickname, adding my specs of course and throwing a nice badass lanparty logo on it... Think you can help me? I'd greatly apreciate it...
  7. Oceanborn

    Need some advice

    Chipset is designed to handle VERY high temperatures...so don't worry about it....besides....43 idle is about one of the best temps I've seen here at the street....
  8. Just a guess...enable memtest in the bios and test the memory individually and let it run a complete test 3 times.... let me know...
  9. Are you sure you didn't misplaced ANY jumpers?? there are six of them ....and god knows what weird things would happen if you misplaced just ONE out of those six.... And by misplaced I mean leaving one section of the jumpers uncovered and overposing on the other side....kind of like fighting with your blanket when it's cold...you wanna protect your neck from the cold so you pull it up...but if you do it too much you leave your feet umprotected...
  10. It's a bug with the radeon cards and it's not fixed on any official BIOS....if you actually want that fixed, get the latest beta bios here
  11. Oceanborn

    PWM IC Temps overly high =/

    Ideally it should be installed directly on top of the giant mosfet heatsinks blowing down....but to attach a fan there it's kind of a difficult task....how do you fix it? and what's the fan dimension you should install?
  12. Oceanborn

    xp-90. which fan?

    Yeah...if you don't care about your ears being blown with the noise than hell yeah... go for it... 57dB worth of noise is a LOT to diggest....
  13. Oceanborn

    ....dear god

    Pr3dator8...I notice you have the Zalman 7700 as your cooler.... I recently did a checkup and a friend's computer who has that exact same cooler...and his CPU was trottling back because of high temperatures...so I tought it was that cheap butt thermal paste that zalman ships their coolers with and volunteered to replace it for him with my AS5... by opening his case, horror struck me as I saw his zalman completely CLOGGED with those huge DUST particles.... so I removed, used a whole can of compressed air to clean it and some AS5 later his CPU temps went from 40C idle 65C Load to 28C idle 50C Load.... So I think the AS5 helped, but that drastic temperature drop didn't come only from that....dust accumulates on those coolers like gum on a shoe... so check out to see if your HSF needs cleaning...
  14. Oceanborn

    Is my PS not sufficient?

    OCZ, Enermax, Seasonic and Fortron are the best companies when it comes to PSUs...at this point in time with CPUs and Graphic cards drawing more and more power....I wouldn't go with anything less than 500w, better to be safe than sorry
  15. Oceanborn

    overclocking for dumbass

    With that CPU mate....all you need to do pretty much is try a HIGHER multiplier since it's unlocked.,....don't change anything else....lol
  16. Oceanborn

    PWM IC Temps overly high =/

    You're putting 1.65v on the Vcore...what did you expect to have as temps? lol Obviously putting a fan there will help, but it could be troublesome to mount it... Haven't found an ideal solution to mount it properly yet...
  17. I have a Logitech Bluetooth USB keyboard and mouse and they are both USB and work fine without any changes in the BIOS .... but if you're having truble just get a cheap keyboard and get into the BIOS and enable Keyboard and Mouse USB support
  18. Care to share your PSU with us? Don't see it on your SIG...
  19. Oceanborn

    Windows Cold Boot Issues

    try a different PSU like leighrogers says...there are some people having issues with the liberty and expert boards...
  20. Please change your title description to [RESOLVED] so everybody sees it Thanks
  21. Oceanborn

    Need some advice

    Marvell uses less CPU than the Nvidia one... you can do what I did...my 7800gt covers the chipset, so I moved the jumpers to SLI and installed the card on the bottom slot working at 8x....doesn't change a thing from 16x so no performance loss
  22. Oceanborn

    new PSU didnt help

    Sorry you're still having problems bro...But I have no clue what problems you have...so can you either tell us in details what the problem is or give us the link to your closed thread... cheers
  23. Oceanborn

    How Do I Get Back Under 3v

    If you clear the CMOS with the jumper before installing the new memory you don't risk frying anything as it puts the memory and everything else to the default settings