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  1. Thanks a lot Ace...apreciate it...I should be doing it soon....
  2. Hey Angry...I got a question for you...and pleae don't kill me hehehe So I see lots of people here have pics as signatures...so I sorta created one and wanted to know how the heck do I make it appear as my sig? I didn't find any options under the CP/sIGNATURE to upload anything or post a link to a Hosting website so the image appears as my sig? I know it's a stupid question but it's my fist time doing it and I found no info on how to do this here .... Thanks in advance...
  3. Oceanborn

    Custom Sig Requests + Sig discussion

    Yo Ace....any luck on that nightwish sig of mine ?
  4. Why on earth would you wanna use the onboard sound at the same time as the Audigy??? it maybe disabled in the BIOS....
  5. Oceanborn

    Splash screen color??

    It's a known issue with the Radeon X1xxx series...and there's no fixes on any official BIOS...only on the latest beta one that you can find here If the screen bothers you that much, then flash it to the new Bios...personally I'd just get rid of the splash screen rather than taking a chance of my system becoming unstable or worse, dead... but in the end it's really up to you my friend
  6. Oceanborn

    Unstable build. PSU at fault?

    Make sure you read the rules man...you need a signature so people know what you have and help you...
  7. Oceanborn

    4x512MB help needed

    Leave only 2 sticks liek you did... enter the BIOS... go into the GENIE settings... into the memory configuration option make sure "Command per clock" is DISABLED otherwise the system won't work with 4 sticks... save the changes, shut down the system and they install the other two sticks... see what happens
  8. Trust me...I tested the upper slot at 8x and 16x....there's NO difference in performance whatsoever...
  9. Oceanborn

    new case recomendations?

    What do you think about this one ?
  10. I had the same "problem" when I flashed the new beta bios.... 1-Clear the CMOS.... the computer should boot 2-enter the BIOS and load optimized defaults save it and exit the BIOS then enter the BIOS again and configure it to your liking but do NOT use the CMOS reload function as it contains traces of the OLD bios....you have to enter every value again manually and then save the new setup.
  11. Oceanborn

    SPDIF problem!

    You need an external decoder for that...the signal that comes out of the SPDIF needs to be converted to Dolby Digital 5.1 or whatever other format BEFORE it reaches the speakers....
  12. If you input a voltage different that what you had with your previous bios and therefore never tested could be the cause of your problems.... Do a cmos clear and load optmized defaults to see if that helps
  13. where did you see that? Do you have a crossfire mobo and successfully ran SLI?
  14. Salut...j'suis à Montréal....J'ai une SLI-D comme toi...et aussi une 7800GT CO...si jamais tu as des amis ou famille ici, ammene avec toi la carte mère et les deux cartes de video....on peut essayer de trouver le bobo... I'm in montreal man...if you wanna come down and bring your stuff so we can test this thing and find the problem let me know....
  15. I'd hold out before sending the mobo... why don't you get the two cards and test in a friend's machine that has SLI chipset? where in Canada are you at?
  16. Oceanborn

    the most out of my system (x2 3800)

    Just out of curiosity....how much vcore are you pumping in this bad boy?
  17. Oceanborn

    fx-55 clawhammer. extra hot???

    why aren't you using the FX55 cooler? 50 is pretty much what people here consider safe....but I'd consider changing to something beefier....like an XP-90 or a Zalman CNPS9500 you don't want that expensive proc of yours going to waste now do you?
  18. Performance decrease is the drawback of not having the bridge as the lanes split in 8x 8x setup, high end cards need a lot of bandwidth so the bridge serves as an alternate path instead of using the Pci express bus for "talking" to each other that would otherwise decrease performance.... But like I said if the "Sli Multi GPU" panel is not showing up with either card, you may have a driver problem but is NOT because you don't have a bridge....
  19. That's what I tought.... then chief...it seems your BIOS wants to drive you mad...lol on another matter...the cards are supposed to be detected as SLI as soon as you add the second one... I had once two geforces 6600GTs and with the drivers that allowed you to mix and match manufacturers but SLI didn't enable...with or without the bridge... tell me one thing....when you put only one card to tell me if it was running at 8x.....on the same panel on the left there are several options...one of them should say "SLI multi GPU" .....when I had the 6600GTs that option didn't show up at all....now with my 7800GT it shows....which means the drivers are ready for the moment I stick another card on the other slot.... Try putting one card at a time on either slot (since we eliminated the problem of PCIex lanes) and then check of the option "SLI multi GPU" will appear on the Nvidia control Panel....if it does then the second card should work fine....if it doesn't, it seems the cards are not identical....or are not compatible....
  20. Oceanborn

    Joe Thornton-who is this guy?

    Oh...and by the way... Joe Thornton is Canadian but he SUCKS!!!! Big Time!!
  21. Oceanborn

    Joe Thornton-who is this guy?

    Habs Rule!!!! lol
  22. I guess nobody wants to hear that here mate...lol But that's the next logical step unless the problem can be pinpointed specifically,...
  23. Then there's something fishy right there...if your bottom PCIex Slot wouldn't have ANY lanes assigned to it, it wouldn't show you any images at all.... Do me a favor..with ANY of the cards in the bottom slot, boot into windows and open the Nvidia control panel....right click on the desktop, choose settings , then advanced then select the tab that says Geforce XXXX Then a window will appear displaying the Gfx card info... one of them says BUS Tell me what appears next to it....
  24. try disabling everything not necessary to you such as Ir ports, Com ports Floppy drive and see if that changes anything... if that doesn't help there's an option in your BIOS under "Pci Configuration" that says "Reset Configuration Data" change that to auto or enable..... let me know