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  1. that suckers dead and AMD doesnt let you RAM processors you killed with your own stupidity, or even something not-so stupid so long as it was user error and lying and trying to RMA probly wuldnt work either, not only would you have that guilt, bt im sure 2 V running through a CPU has to leave SOME sort of physical evidence
  2. no worries, im highly doubtful that AMD implemented REverse-HT capability in there processors, or if tehy did ti was NOT completel, most likely crippled, to be corrected in a later revision (Winnie-->Venice anyone?) Amd i am SURE that Conroe will kick major butt will i buy one? no why? because my Opteron will serve me well until K9 omes out, which is when, well im hoping at least AMD comes back into the lead AMD has had the crown for too long, they got complacent with there lead, they DIDNT work on enough improvements for AM2 and now they pay, but they need a kick in the butt like this and for teh record, Conroe kills at SuperPi and other similar benchmarks becasue the standard modes (1M for SuperPi) GREATLY benefit from cache, so Conroes 4 MB of it give it insane scores I am an AMD Fanyboy, always have been, always will be. But that wont stop me from addmiting that the battle is over, the war is still raging, but you win some, you lose some, Conroe won this, like the Athlon 64 won the last battle
  3. what core is it, is it a Palermo or the earlier, non 64 bit enabled version?
  4. try your bios reseting again alot of times you need to do it for a few minutes
  5. makes me glad that i went out and bought some crappy Aerocool thermal paste, much easier to remove than the thermal pad :S
  6. clear cmos jumper? makes sure those eyboards work in other machines
  7. yeah, just have your mobo handy and set it down in the same position it would be in the case, then just put in the corresponding holes
  8. gotta love these optys, my CAB2E 144 is at 2.7 GHZ stock volts, only being limited b ymy motherboard (entire system i s unstable above 300 HTT, and my PS/2 dies at 310
  9. in your case MAKE SURE that your motehrboard does NOT touch teh case ANYWHERE but those gold screws you pt into the case those rare specialially designed to not ground the motehrbaord, they are simple stanoffs, your motherboard will not boot if it is touching the case anywhere else
  10. hmm, try bmping up teh voltage on your CU in teh BIOS some more, mine is always overvolted, i guess yours is teh opposite
  11. ive found my opty to be awesome at low volts anyways DON set your HTT multiplier to lowest, do some math in you rhead (or take out a calculator) multiply 230x5 that makes 1150x2=2300 HT, that is too high so set your multiplier to 4x and o and read up on OCing tutorials, they are a CPUsaver
  12. The Opterons usually overclock very well, i have my 144 @ 2.7 GHZ on stock volts, only thing holding me back is my mobo, the Dual cores dont OC UITE as well, but tehy are still freaking banshees
  13. just pick up some DDR400 value RAM, no thard to find for less than $50 CDN for a 512 MB stick
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