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  1. Bump cause I had to look for it . just reformatted and this was a little reference for a few things....thanx
  2. Bump cause I had to look for it . just reformatted and this was a little refrence for a few things....thanx
  3. just thought i would let yall know. the new update for Windows Home Server registers your domain name with godaddy.com and they are issuing FREE ssl certificates automatically when you apply the new update.
  4. yes....WHS is built on server 03 and has the network load balance thingy thing...ill have to read a little more on it later as i have already taken my new anti-psychotic pills and im a little loopy...dont like it at all...symbrax or something like that.....any who......thanx a million....now i just have to read up on how to "tweak" it
  5. i installed WHS and it took a minute to get used to. pretty painless in the end..the only problem i am running into is my uploads are throttled at around 50-60kbs.....i can run a speed test from the server and get aroundd 430.......anything give? and basic setting i should change that would allow me to utilize all my bandwidth
  6. "Hell, back in the "286" days, you added system memory by buying a huge "memory card", then populating it with ram chips! It would cost a fortune to fully populate one of those cards - system memory chips were very expensive back then." i think i still have some of those cards in the storage room....full of old crap like that...lots of old boxed that still boot...last time i got one out, i was setting up a fax machine. thats bout all they are good for these days. if someone was interested, i would sell the entire lot cheap.prolly about 15 complete systems maybe more if i had to guess.but you would have to be close to alabama for it to be worth it cause they arent worth the shipping it would cost
  7. garmin is highly recommended..no experience with them personally, but i know several people that use their product and love it....i like the laptop setup, but i am always using the computer for other things as well...media, maps, e-mail from hot spots, etc. etc. etc
  8. laptop with gps enabled cellphone with streets and trips
  9. wait....wait.....i got it....working now....sweet.....so happy...ran up the road with a laptop till i found somewhere with unsecure wifi and it worx...just cant access it from the internal side of he network....not through a browser anyways...but it works
  10. ok....so i went and got my self a copy of windows home server, just to make things a little simple. or i thought.....after installing it on an older socket A board i had laying around with a 2ghz chip with 768 ram and a 160gb hd....took me bout an hr of cursing the network when it was an i D 10 T error, as windows didnt install the correct network drivers, and i didnt look. would bit me in the butt if it were a snake.. well, when i try to access the server from the internal side of the network, i get the router login page still. this i do not understand as the router remote access is disabled. dont have the means to check from the wan side tonight, but will get on it in the am. sigh.....more head banging against the wall.....thoughts?
  11. that would be kool.....i guess....wouldnt hurt anyting.....might help a little
  12. yeah...i just read the anandtech review.....aint looking 2 good for he "FAN BOYS"
  13. what about the FAL.....in .308...that shoulda been on the list.....fully auto or single shot...accurate enough for basic sniper, or can level a city block
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