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  1. I was considering an Opty too these days but i am undecided between a 170 and a 175. For a 40 buck of difference i would prefer the 11x multi of the 175. Do you know anything about the overclockablity of the 175? I didn't heard much about it.
  2. ... and you cant believe how much this made me happy!! The usual overdrive caps have been moved up quite enough, the nasty downclock after FMW is gone and your card gets a little break while not crunching heavy 3d. Last but not least you can even set an higher requested voltage for your core. grreat
  3. Maybe I am a bit off topic but i have a quick question about the Stacker (move me if needed) Do you think I would get any improvement in temps if I switch two of the lateral fans with the CM vertical crossflow fan? I have chipset and VGA temps a bit too high.
  4. You can try with SysTool http://www.techpowerup.com/systool/ also you can use AtiTray to get tweaking + temp logging with a light memory usage
  5. On a CFX3200 mobo is a master X1900 needed to crossfire? In other words can I crossfire two standard x1900xt cards on that mobo?
  6. I need to specify a non standard refresh rate for my monitor and lock all resolution at it. I am using the refresh locker in ATITray but it doesn't works for non standard resolutions. When I was using the forceware's coolbit option to force resolutions all worked fine but now I can't get it working with ATI drivers. Can you help?
  7. Thanks for the feedback guys. Unfortunately I can shop only in one place because they owe me some money. The X2 4400 description doesnt list the model number so i have no clue if they are the 89w. version. Anyway I doubt it, I think they are just trying to give away all the old cpus because they plan to discontinue AMD64 supply. So what do you think,should I try with the 4400 anyway? I didnt find many 4800s in the OC database but they should be quite similar to the 4400 as they have the same core and cache.
  8. The AMD price drop has come here too... so i was considering a dual core upgrade and basically i have 3 options: opty170 for 380 X2 4400 (Toledo) for 286 X2 4800 (Toledo) for 300 (I didnt consider opty165 because I dont feel confident with such low multi) I cannot know steppings in advance, anyway I would upgrade only if I can be reasonably sure to get at least 2700Mhz (my current stable Oc).
  9. I would stay @1.45 vcore for daily use. These cards run the core pretty much at his limit, to gain even a few Mhz on it they require significant overvolt which makes no sense imho. The fact that even the new x1950 will have the core clocked at 650 is indicative. Mems are a different story I think, at least if yoy are lucky enough. After all they are 1.1 ns.
  10. I was using the Xtreme modified forceware for my 7900s. They are good imho and never had issues. http://www.tweaksrus.com/
  11. I know it's useless for less than 16x12 res but I was toying with the idea of getting a 21-22 inch LCD for my birthday... I would cover almost half of the price with a credit I have at an online shop (the faulty 7900 pair if you remember). Anyway don't bother with it if you have the second card unplugged or the whole thing would take you much time.
  12. That's what I would do but when running say 5-6 loops of 3dMark is a pain eyeballing the screen all the time to detect artifacts. Also I am never confident in my ability to spot artifacts, sometimes there are rendering glitches that i think are normal. Anyway the best core stressor for the GPU alone is the AtiTool 3d view imho. That freeze my comp with clocks I can easily use to game and 3dMarking.
  13. OK thanks, will try both. Also when I try to g higher than 2700 I think i will do it the slow way and use prime only, I noticed that i can finish occt with no problem @ clocks WAY higher than i can prime. Anything wrong with this approach? Also I would need asimilar stress test for the GPU, I dont know if 3dMarking is enough. Anyway I will poston the vid section of the forum. Thanks for your help.
  14. What torture test option do u use to run prime95? I just want to validate my OC as stable and then I will try to go higher.
  15. If I get a cfx3200 board do I need a master card or i can run Xfire with just 2 1900XT?
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