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  1. Is the PSU just not capable of handling what I've got? Its ratings seem fine and I have the ability to plug in all the power points ( the 24 Pin ATX connector being the only one not plugged in fully, but I've ordered that cable and its on its way ), so why would this effect the performance? Every review I've read on the Ultra-X's are good, stable voltages and capable of the power its advertised for. I'll give MBM a try, as for heatsinks, I think all the PWM's on this board come with heatsinks from DFI already?
  2. This is a mini short review with some questions. The HR-01 seems to be absolutly awesome, either that, or I have a really cool running 165. At 1.42V core and 2.61Ghz the CPU never exceeds 50C with two instances of Prime running. The problem I'm having is that the PWMIC temps are very high ( compared to idle ) and I usually shut it down around 58C reported in Smartguardian. The PWMIC temps are always the highest of the three, is this normal? I also noticed that my OCZ Platinum EL Rev 2 PC3200 won't run up past 230Mhz at any voltatge. Right now my SATA drives are in the Nvidia ports 1-2. From what I've read sometimes those are unlocked, does anyone know if this is true? From there, is just back to 3x HTT, and put a divider to keep the RAM around 220Mhz and kept turning it up, but I don't want to let it sit overnight with those PWM temps so high. The heatsink has a 90mm fan attachned directly to its side, and within 5 seconds of stopping those double instances, the temp is back to 30C. Heres a screenshot showing the inital tests, but note the high PWM temp. I'm not sure how to lower this. Any tips or advice is greatly appreciated if you have experience with this MB. The stepping is 0550 UPMW, which NCIX still has stock of in OEM form. When I bought this CPU I checked 5 they had, all 5 were the same code. NICE! I backed it down to 285 FSB and ran it overnight with one instance of Prime and Pi running and it lasted fine with PWM temps hovering around 57C. I had a couple of thoughts overnight. First, until my Ultra-X 20 pin to 24 pin cable shows up, I'm running a 20pin ATX connector on the board, leaving four spots unoccupied. I don't know if this puts additional strees on certain PWM's but I thought I'd mention it. Second, being an electrical technologist, I got to thinking that if the CPU temps are so reasonable that I might be better off raising the CPU voltage some to reduce the current through the power circuits. The total power dissipated in the chip will remain the same, but the current flow through the onboard IC's would be reduced. I may give it a try this afternoon to see if it makes any difference. Ryan
  3. DOes anyone know of any current online retailers for this board ( preferrably in Canada ). NCIX is listed as an official DFI reseller, but no longer carry stock, the only one I can find for sale is an open box ( return or refurb ) that has no exchange or refund available. I've read mixed reviews on stability, but in this thread it seems most are worked out, and I'd love to keep within DFI but get rid of my S754 and keep my AGP X800XL. Thoughts? Thanks, Ryan
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