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  1. You have to either create a virtual bridge to 'route' through the Lanparty to the internet or setup a proxy software on the Lanparty to accept packets and forward them.
  2. A couple reviews from some dependable places: http://www.hardcoreware.net/reviews/review-231-1.htm http://www.extremeoverclocking.com/reviews...-Connect_1.html http://www.extrememhz.com/xconnect-p1.shtml I know it's not on the formal PSA list for the Lanprty NF4, but seems like it would do OK, considering rail stability, amperages. Just not sure about the 20 pin thing.
  3. Oh no, I plan to overclock, just not to 300HTT or the like. The CPU I have is multi 11 so I will hit around 230-240 or so tops (prefer 1:1 on the mem). My friend who have the beefy A8N-SLI models say their mobos run OK with the Ultras (@ 20 pins). The ultra has the connectors for the mobos, I was kinda hoping it would pick up the missing voltage from 4-pin molexes that it was not getting from the 20-pin connector. Lanparty DO run on the standard 20 pin PSUs right? OR do they not not even fire up?
  4. Oh, I'm with you there, waited for the Antec TP550 for my own rig. Just tight on the funds and have such a pretty PSU! The reviews on the Ultras seem pretty good. Aspire I know is no good. I have a couple friends who have the Ultra and they like them. I just know the Lanparty boards are pretty particular. How do the Ultra-D's run with 20 pin PSUs? Do they at all?
  5. Hey guys and gals, has anyone tried the Ultra power supply with the LANparty boards? I have an extra 500W (34A on 12V) that works nice and looks pretty sweet, but it's only the 20 pin job. I have talked to others who use an ASUS A8N-SLI with the same PSU and they say it works fine. I really am tight on the cash for a $100+ PSU since I have this one. Should I expect instability, or is this PSU not bad for the job? Thanks in advance as always!
  6. Hey guys and gals, Whenever I up my HTT and losen my memory timings vs. my stock of HTT:200 and mem: 2-2-2-5 to anything higher and looser, I noticed that the time it takes for Windows XP to go from the black intro screen to my desktop increases. For example, booting to my desktop at 200HTT/2-2-2-5 takes like 8 seconds. Booting at 280HTT/2.5-4-4-8(0.9:1) it takes like 20 seconds. Anyone experience this too? Any idea why? Thanks in advance as always!
  7. Good morning guys and gals, I just bought my used DFI UT SLI-DR and finally have it hooked up. When I first booted it, it was set at 250HTT, 1.55V on the CPU, and 2.9V on the memory. Now I know when buying a used mobo to clear the CMOS before firing it up... Fortunately, however, the system booted up and loaded XP (I was coming from an NF4 Evga board, so XP still ran, just found some new hardware). So at least without running Prime or 3dMark or anything, the system posted with those high voltage and HTT settings (at least compared to stock, which is what I was expecting) and ran OK for like an hour before I downloaded the drivers and took it down. I am familiar with the big-4 memory timings, but not the slew of timings the SLI-DR offers. Can someone please let me know what settings that they have with the following setup: AMD X2 3800+ DFI UT SLI-DR 2X512 OCZ Platinum Revision 2 chips (presently 2-2-2-5) eVGA 7800GT The fact that the machine booted at 250HTT right from the start, I am hoping that the components will keep up with at least a little bit of juice. Thanks in advance as always!
  8. Yer right! The EPS is a 8-pin that splits into two 4 pins. Antec it is!
  9. One other note, I have the EPS version of the Antec 550. Is this a factor for the SLI-DR? I know the expert takes the EPS connector, but I'm not sure if the Antec 550 has a 4-pin 12V header, it may only have the just the 8-pin EPS. It's in a server presently at work for which it was designed (acutally a dual Xeon video editor), finagaled my boss into selling it to me for $40 :nod: . Is there a converter from the EPS 8 pin to 12V 4-pin if that is the case? Might I be stuck with the OCZ 420W afterall?
  10. Altho I have the 7800GT, I'm not quite a big enough junkie yet (read: not enough loot) to get SLI match pair. That might be a while.
  11. I actually have both the 420W OCZ and the 550W Antec, gonna make one a PC that I will sell (with an eVGA NF41 mobo) and keep the DFI setup with the other one. I'd love to get the OCZ 520, but I'd rather spend money elsewhere since I have the present two.
  12. Hey all, About to move my Lanparty SLI-DR into my rig, and now I have to decide between two power supplies: The Antec True Power 550 EPS or the OCZ Powerstream 420W. Which would be best suited for my system? I know everyone says 500W minimum, but the 420W OCZ actually has more amps on the 12V rail, I believe. I should be assembling this weekend, which should I do? Thanks in advance as always!
  13. Hey guys and gals, I am about to fire up my SLI-DR for the first time (later this week when the mem comes in). I have 2 sets of RAM: The OCZ Platinum EL Revision 2, and Crucial Ballistix Tracer PC4000. The Crucial has the glowing blinky thing on it (I do have a clear case), but for me performance is more important. Which overclocks better and which is more stable with the SLI-DR? I have 2 boxes. One of them I'm going to sell, but not sure which memory to keep. Which is the fan favorite here with the SLI-DR boards? Thanks in advance as always! Vitaly
  14. Hey guys and gals, I searched this in the forums since I'm sure it was asked before, but the search kept coming up with questions about PSUs and the like and Big Typhoon was coming up in signatures. How well does the Big Typhoon fit on the SLI-DR? Does it impede the video card positioning? Also, does the backplate of the mobo need to be removed and the sponge for the BT need to be installed, or can I just use the backplate with the board? Also, I have a NZXT PSU that came with my Lexa case. Right now it running my rig with an EVGA NF41 and a eVGA 7800GT OCed to FSB 250. Never a problem with stability. The ratings on the 12V for the PSU are 16A and 17A (dual rail) with a rating of 500W. The PSU actually weighs about the same as my OCZ 420 Powerstream. Is it suicide for me to use the NZXT with the DFI, or should I use the OCZ? Santa really cleared out the cupboard this year, so I do not have cash for a new PSU. Should I try a build with what I have or put the SLI-DR in the closet for a month until I get cash for a new PSU? At work, next week we are building a SAN server from an old chassis and I may be able to buy an Antec Truepower 550 EPS. Thanks in advance as always!
  15. Any difference in performance? Is the the different power setup and more stable?
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