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  1. heya Guys my new Piece of acrylic came in today, god guys i cant say it enough but i love Frozencpu, i called them friday, and told them about the window panel i recieved, and how the Acrylic was smashed, with out any hesitation or need for proof of defect they packed and shipped me out another Window to fit that panel, which is something they dont even carry on the website, (at least not with out fan holes already in it) dunno what the deal is but that company is doing it right. so needless to say that looks great now, still gotta do more rewireing since i just added those fans ontop i also hooked up my second baybus so thats pretty sweet looking just gotta sleave up some fan wires solder on some longer lead's and rewire one more light wireing harness thing. BTW if anyone is looking for a Better Cooler for the NF4 Sli or Ultra-d chipset look no further because that Thermalright HR-05 SLI chipset cooler fits like a glove with any Videocard, atleast on the Ultra-d board it does and as far as i know the Chipset is in the same place on the SLI-d so its a match if so and lemme say that a 1'c difference between Idle and load on the chipset with nearly no added noise is a welcome thing, and a must have if you like to keep things cool when your overclocking, and thats with the chipset voltage at 1.6v 300x10 @ 1.5v its idleing at 32'c and loading at 34'c. well ill get some more pictures up in the coming days as i work on it, have the next 12 days off of work so we'll see how it goes
  2. http://www.diy-street.com/forum/showthread...3346#post773346 HA!
  3. http://www.diy-street.com/forum/member.php...tposter&t=81801 Check out my V2000 im working on!
  4. Alright Guys, Thankfully Christmas has been Kind to me this year, and I just dropped damn near 500$ on my case this go around and this is where we're at today 3x120 Bricky Grill with 3 Yate loon UV Blue fans Lian Li Window Kit DD fillport Another Shot of that nice lookin Radgrill A few New cables (lost that Fuggly Yellow Dfi one) Also Note the Thermalright HR-05 (which is not supposed to be able to be installed in that direction but on A Ultra-D board apparently it works perfectly as my Chipset temps are about 30'c While idleing and 35'c durring Dual Prime @ 3ghz 1.475v 1.6v chipset) also note the Additional Heatsinks that have been attached to the Chips Directly right of the PWM chips. Shot of the new 1/2" UV Blue Tubing along with the new EK 8800gts Full coverage Block. Just Another shot of it With the Flash on, Can see theres some loose ends in there still, Still need to rewire one of my Lighting harnesses so i can hook it to a switch to match the front panel. and i also have a second FrozenCpu Baybus going in the front.
  5. wow been 10 days and still no replys, i may just have to try it for my self
  6. some other things i forgot i made up a quicky Bios reset switch from one of the lighting harnesses i cut apart previously. alot more to come! More neatness and, changeing the entire cooling loops tubbing with Primoflex 3/8 uv blue new coolant alot more rewiring and a custom side window, still debateing weather or not to do a triple 120 blow hole on the top questions comments opinions please!
  7. Alright guys be prepaired! bunch of new pics coming in a few just Rewired a bunch of stuff, got my soldering iron out and went to town today been sitting on the floor soldering and cutting and sleaving and heat shrinking for 8 hours straight and im not even close to done still need to make 2 new lead's for the 4pin and 3pin Floppy connectors. one lead will feed one side, ( CDroms, fan controller, floppy drive [ so out dated but very useful]) and the other one will feed the 4pin and floppy on the board and floppy to the sound card. I used UV reactive 18Awg wire along with uvblue heatshrink and uv blue sleaving for as much as i could only ordered 1/8 and 1/4. theres also now 2 sets of 2 UV coldcathode lights and 4 aerocool extreme turbine fans (16 blade)
  8. Now heres a Question, i dont know if its been tryed or not, havent really looked for it as i dont know what youd call it. Heres my story, i am running a Naked Opteron 170 on water cooling Well i removed the water block today (copper base) and saw that it had Ghosted Corrosion marks from the other small ? resistors? from the top of the chip, so these components obviously throw a bit of heat if they corroded the base of the block ( by corroded i mean small black marks that look exactly like these chips). now what im wondering is! if anyone has ever tryed to use any form of thermal compound/ non conductive obviously in an attempt to cool these chips as well. if so does it make any difference, as i know they werent attached to the IHS when those are removed theres no thermal contact. its apparent that AMD saw no need for it but im wondering if it would make any bit of difference. may sound stupid but just somthing iv never seen anyone do so i was wondering. any questions comments thoughts welcome
  9. Thanks sound Updates will probably take place on sundays from now untill completion, ill stop in a every few days to check in on the post and check out what everyone else is doing. i have alot of ideas. and alot of stuff im going to work into the case, ill sit down tomarrow maybe and throw some of my idea's on the table to see what everyone thinks. Thanks all Keep watching for updateS!
  10. just a little update, ordered a couple of the fans im going to be using, a few of the cold cathodes, a 6Channel baybus from frozen cpu. more coming next week as well, currently i am using the stock Switches and wireing harnesses for the cold cathodes, ill be switching those over to a different wireing harness and Led'd Military switches with cromed Switch covers that im going to mount in the front panel. wireing is a mess again, couple more weeks and that will be taken care of. still waiting to get everything were its going and finished before i even consider cutting the power supply apart to make new cables. the fans are Aerocool 12cm Xtreme turbine 89Cfm 32dB. Trust me on this one if your looking for a sweet looking Blue Led fan these are probably the nicest ones iv come across in a while, 16Bladed fan is a beauty in a raw Aluminum case. went with Logisys cold cathodes cheap and dirty, drilled one of the Covers for the power inverters already doing the other in a few mins. as these are rather cheap and have a good tendancy to burn up :mad:. But as you can see from teh pictures below those Blue logisys cathodes are Quite bright and match my Baybus's LED's very closely. and i went with the Frozen CPu baybus as i was already planning on Re-tailing every one of my fans to i could plug them all in in 1 place so that theres no extension cables or connectors, they will be 1 piece of wire from the fan to the baybus, and because instead of it using Fan connector 3pin it uses a screwdown method which would require either that i what i have on there now and those are just tailed connectors or long enough fan cables to cut the ends off it so ill just cut my own short, solder on some new wire so theyre long enough to route cleanly sleave them and attach them to the bay bus. done Blue Cold cathodes in front panel Shot of the fans the Wireing mess of the year award goes to... Inverters attached
  11. Just got done with a bit of wire management, looks good for now i think, ordering my new Radiator fans and 6 Channel Baybus from Frozencpu today should be here tomarrow from the looks of it im going to need to make an extension cable to go from one of the plugs that goes into the Cdrom to make the reach to the Front panel so i can plug the Baybus in. Just temp. as i still need to figure out what im doing for Wireing once i get all the lights and fans, mounted up and installed
  12. Well mike, the majority of the case is made up of mesh, the front panel, a good portion of the back panel, and the bottom of the case are all made up of mesh, so the configuration im running, causes the Radiator to draw air through the case from the front and back exhausting the air from the radiator downward, to be expelled through the bottom and rear of the case by the power supply and dual 80mm fans. so yes its very well ventilated, even if the Outflow of the lower compartment isnt as many CFm as the radiator is pushing in, it has enough ventilation to allow for free flowing exhuast. the temps arent as good on the air cooled components as my old case, but i never expected this case to cool those better than my old case, which had 3 120mm fans stacked on the side panel in a pyramid config blowing air in, 2 120 fans in the front on a 2x120 radiator flush mounted in the bezel aslo blowing air in, and another 120 fan drawing air in through the top had around 350-450 CFM of inflow on the old case my temps are as follows, readings from Everest 23'c room temp Totaly Idle 30m PWM: 32'c CPU: 29'c CORE1: 34'c CORE2: 33'c CHIPSET: 41'c GPU Diode: 42'c Full load Dual Prime (running for 30m) PWM: 42'c CPU: 38'c CORE1: 41'c CORE2: 43'c CHIPSET: 42'c GPU Diode: 44'c
  13. Grommeted up! ended up cutting the grommet, and installing them with the tubing on, went well no leaks and rebooted up looks a bit better and one less worry XD
  14. Rgr that, i have grommets but havent installed them yet as the holes are a slight bit off might just c-strip them dunno yet This is Very Very Very far from done, but i really do appriciate all comments/ suggestions/ critisism
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