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  1. ANGRY :eek::eek2::eek::eek::eek2::eek2::eek::sad::sad::sad: No, NO, No that is not why I want that board.. I wish I could say what I really mean, that bang on the head was for real guys, and it is hard for me to type what it is I really am saying.. I am going to try again on what I was trying to say.. If this doesn't work plz try to read between the lines.. lol:sweat: I really wanted that board the first time I saw it the pipes on it to help cool the CPU for one as I tend to run hot all the time and can't use water cooling I had to take out my AMD Athlon™ 55 FX it just ran to hot and that was with 7 fans in my system too.. So I have a 55 FX just sitting here ran it about 4 to 6 months. if that.. 1. I would forget to fill the dang thing, and buy the stuff to go in it til it was out 2. my cats would have me cleaning a mess all the time.. I know I don't need that much of a board if it was just books for the farm I did.,and I don't need it for gaming but that board I have read about it for a year now talked to people who have the board and they say it is awesome.. You guys can tweak and retweak boards I am reading and reading on tweaks from you all and learning. Might add learning a lot also.. But Angry don't get your panties in an uproar cause I ask a question and have my heart set on a board.. I don't know the company of Gig and Abit at all..All I know is when they were having a lot of problems with there boards years back.. Not to say they are now.. Now, I didn't mean I had to have it cause Micro and Conan are Dx10 I know I can run Dx9 with the game.or any other game for that fact,I want a board that is going to be in my rig for awhile.. My DFI board the fan on the board has be replaced twice and is making that ungodly sound again. . I want the best scores I can get fast ones as seconds mean life and death in that type of game.. some of you have not played that type..Not to say your boards will not do what is nessacary and NO NO NO not because Lex works for Warcry, that has nothing to do anything.. I was just telling you my Guild Leader works for Warcry. ANGRY you don't live next door and boy I sure wish you did. Im learning OC'ing as you & others are teaching but I still am not that sure of myself with it.so I need the speed w/o OC..go here and win this 2007/12/20 GIGABYTE Online Overclocking Contest Honor Hardcore PC Enthusiasts at Overclocking Hall of Fame -Over $12,000 in Cash & Prize to be Awarded u could take moma to dinner with that.. I really like the new board they put out by the sounds of it you I bet do too...I am reading more on the board I can still send it back and pay restocking fees.. If you think the board is just not cracked up to be what they say.. Your advice is very important to me even if you think it is not.but dont get upset if I really wanted a board..Heck,.You saved my nephew from buying that one MB.....I did get the Corsair PSU TX750 man it is awesome cant wait for it to be in my new case when it comes tomorrow a Lian Li PC-V1100B Plus II. Now I feel like such and idiot lol oh well I still love ya all.. BTW I left a message on my Guild site for them to come over and ck out this site as many are first time builders, and some are upgrading there systems like I am for the .. yea you guessed it "CONAN" is coming out.(Not really my system is really running crappy)..It's 3 yrs old and ready for a rebuild heck that is all I wanted for Christmas.... So some from ExGS may come to say hi....
  2. I beta test a lot of games.. and I am a hard core gamer.. Conan due to come out end of March already pre ordered..as with WarHammer.(has been pushed back). It will be a fun year.. Our Guild Leader works for Warcry and can't wait for Conan. With Conan Dix10 will be in operation not that it will not use Dix9 but after these 2 games hit I think patches, drivers as such will have to be out there for Vista..more.. I really run a system hard. This is why I was going with Asus striker. I have wanted this board since they first came out.. Ok Angry I will look at the build you suggested..
  3. Damn Angry how many days did it take you to write this up.. as many days to figure out how to get the scores or a week of typing non stop.. :eek:
  4. Going to build a new system as DirectX 10 has gaming changes coming.. and my system is 2yrs., old and I have ran it hard.. So what do you think.. ASUS Striker Extreme ATX The Ultimate Gaming Motherboard Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 Conroe 3.0GHz LGA 775 Processor Patriot Viper 4GB(2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Dual Channel LOGISYS AD202 12V Molex to 8pin P8 Adapter Lian Li (PC-S80A E-GeForce 8800 GTS 320mb DDR3 DX 10 ready the rest would be what is in this rig already.. besides Vista when I get ready to put it on..:beer only Wild Turkey and coke. yummmmm yummmm
  5. I can get you F-Secure for 37.00 bucks.. Let me tell u it is awesome.. once an email came in from my "Niece" and it had a bug F-Secure encripted it so fast I was like what the hell. I have used it now 3 yrs. BTW my banker and I went in and bought 10 licences for our computers (yea I have 5) and getting ready to build another one.. The banks around here use it too..
  6. All I do is back up my the computer I am working on to a back up disk drive. do the stuff then hook up disk drive to the computer and drag it on to the desk top.. It has worked that way with LOTR, Perfect World, WoW, etc... Do you have an external back drive??????
  7. wickette

    The Witcher

    I just bought it but haven't installed it yet.., I just did buy EQ II just to pass the time til AoC and WarHammer comes out.. Will play them both but WH :angel: will be the one I will spend most of my time on, just knowing how Mythic is about making PvP (RvR) a blast.. My son says the Witcher is awesome as so do my guildies..
  8. Well don't feel bad mine did the same thing, booted up OK... Then no K/B or mouse it just sat there, so tried the old faithful K/B & mouse PS2 nope NO luck.. I guess others are having same problem across the net as I ck'ed.. However, no one knows the cause.. So I crashed out I'm so glad I only do the window thing on the small raptor.. but still have to install the drivers,, fun fun fun. Have no idea of what happened other then I did DL Nvidia's new video driver and MB driver uninstalled the old and bingo rebooted and and came up with what I wrote up top.. Anyone know the cause of this!!!!!!!!!!!!!! other then something didn't like something..
  9. But I am having trouble installing and gettings to work this time too.. I have the X1950 PRO in as I bought this 32 samsung monitor (TV) I love the monitor for gaming just need to make it all work with Video card.. The BFG 7800 GTX didn't want to do what I wanted either.. I want SMALL or a small as I can get with good res. and I really dont like the 13??Xby 7?? it is just too big for me and WOW.. So try again I guess.. Uninstall everything again then I will try again to install it but I have been having uninstall and reinstall problems like it is just not getting it all uninstalled or something..
  10. Ok I can do that will it matter that both the HDD have windows on it??? as I use to use that 160 WD as a stand alone in a different computer... now I want to use it in this computer as I need more storage.. Thanks I will try it.. windows is still so stupid.. if they ever get all the fixes out I guess they would be out of business.. lol Fat chance this will ever happen.. Now, on to vista with more bugs to come..
  11. NO, King I had the raid and the 160 hooked up only as I was hoping to install win xp pro on the 36GB and then hoped it would wipe out that 160 in a format too.. The 160 I yanked out of one of my other computers and put it in this one.. as a add on.. I didnt know that an IDE would pick up first and the raid as second.. I did unplug the 150 SATA as I didnt want it to format too.. then I was going to hook it (the 150) back up when I was done.. MY Raid (the 36) is the one that has already been in this system and used for Win only.. but I put a duel core in here.. bios knows it is there but that file HAL in microsoft stops it and wil not see it as a duel core (ONLY) in the taskbar.. Win knows it is there too.. I just want to wipe out that 160 by reformatting as I want to do that with my 36GB raptor also.. That will fix the duel core problem then also.. with at Hal file.. Im just stuck.. Thanks for the help OH YEA! Using the ESC in the bios I cant get it to change there either with the arrow keys.. It will not move up or down is the caused by my USB kb even if I have it set in bios to see a USB kb... Just wondered..
  12. I am so sorry..about that I just thought we were to pretty much stay within a tread that was about the same problem as not to have threads all over the place.. but I will do it and thanks.. Sorry Dejv, didnt mean to jump in on your thread..
  13. I am having same problem when the STAT drive is in with win on it and an IDE is put in also with win on it.. The IDE picks up as first being 0 and the STAT picks up as being 1 and I cant change the order in the bios.. Bios picks them both up.. I want STAT raptor WD 36 as 0 and that IDE WD JB160 as 1.. it even shows that 160 partioned with 36GB as windows and the rest of the drive is not even formated.. it shows that 160 as a filepage.. so it is not letting me change the order.. HOWEVER, in the boot. INI it only show the 160 and not even picking up the raptor... this is set to 0 in there also.. AS I said both have Win XP PRO on them... I want to use that IDE as a storage, as my WD raptor 150 is unpluged (as not to wipe it out).. HOW can I change the order and format that 160 with no partion.. it would be a 3rd drive in system... I want to use the raptor 36 for win xp pro only the raptor 150 for testing and playing games only and the IDE for the rest of the stuff photos, email and etc... Any Idea's !!!!!!!!!!!!!! where is Angry when you need him .... Yelling for the cop.. I have tried to reinstall window xp already b4 I noticed this problem and it stops me at the door.. won t load..says I am missing alot of files./
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