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  1. Yes I did, the fix was to use a newer windows install cd or try different SATA cables.. I switched both out at the same time so not sure which did it. I am asuming it was the Windows CD since mine was scratched to hell and back! Let me know if you need more help this is day 3 I spent on it and now its running fine!! Prime95 for 4 hours so far so good
  2. LIL update, First of all thanks to all of you for your help and keeping me sain! I think the disc was bad and when it said Starting Windows and flashes the screen to the install one a file was corrupted. I changed out the ide cable to cd rom drive and changed the windows installer cd and bam it loaded right past that part. I am going to try this exact setup on the next dfi board and see how it goes. Thanks now if only I can get my NF3 board to post....
  3. Ok gona give it another go... got another windows disk, replaced the sata cables, new drives, stripped it down to two Raptor 36GB drives Raid 0 and a video card.. nothing else.. Lets see how this goes..
  4. Hello Everyone, I have a NF3 250GB and noticed when I reset the bios I do not get a post now... I have tried clearing the CMOS as the manual says but get nothing... any ideas? CHris
  5. ARGGGG still nothing!!! damn windows deteced a problem and must stop in order to prevent damage to your machine... message still pops up.. I think the board is toast.. This is after trying every possiable ram configuration and upgrading the bios.. I have another Ultra D board I am gona test out.... btw from switching ram around so much the crappy ram lock broke on one of the yellow slots... I think I hear a shot gun going off at this board... 3 days wasted on it...
  6. Ok just tried multiple combinations of RAID settings and drive configurations and no luck... stll get BSOD!!! Please help
  7. I might take you up on that offer since I cannot get passed the Starting Up Windows part of the install without getting a BSOD message!!! Can you zip it and email it to me?
  8. Never said it was a driver problem just stated tried using two different ones to rule that out. Sticks ran for 26 full runs on memtest no problem... so not sure what to do. May try to install on just one drive I have read others having problems trying to install on RAID 0.
  9. Hello DFI Street, I am trying to reinstall Windows XP on my DFI NF4 Ultra Board on a RAID 0 array via SATA drives (2 x 300 seagate) and after it loads the raid drivers (I have tried the newest ones via Nvidia.com and the ones from DFI) and then says Starting Windows (during the install before it asks about partitions) I get a BSOD!!! Please help Chris BTW ran memtest for 29 complete runs 0 errors
  10. LOL just ordered 4 of these badboys and the next day air shipping was more then the 4 HSFs!! Cant wait to get them though!! How much quieter are these then the stock HSF?
  11. Yeah I will be using my board for my htpc... already got the cpu to run at 30C idle without a fan with the XP-120... so looking to kill the last sound maker which is the chipset fan. No overclocking or anything with this pc just a good ol HTPC machine.
  12. I know there are 1000's of threads on this subject alone, which I believe I read everyone one, and did not see this as an option: http://www.compusa.com/products/product_in...r_Blue_Heatsink What do yall think will it work or die.... Outie
  13. nForce 9.35 Unified Remix (x32) (2006-07-03 09:10:20)
  14. GURU3D.com Stikes again! There driver package installed great! No problems..
  15. OK its the LAN drivers... upon installing them I get BSOD!! everything else installs fine!!
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