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  1. well, without doing any fiddling, just switching slots, the ram timings are still pretty crappy: 3-3-3-8 when according to corsair they can stabley run at 2-3-3-6. im gonna try to tighten the timings and up the voltage a bit hopefully I'll reach memtest without a system reboot. if that doesnt work ill try using a divider.
  2. my ram is currently not in the orange slots. how can this affect the whole overclocking situation?
  3. i tried searching all over the overclocking database and I didnt really find anyone that acctually juiced out everything from these modules, im definetly disappointed with them.
  4. what divider to you suggest I should use in my case?
  5. can u explain breifly what the divider does? thanks.
  6. are you serious???? I was under the impression Corsair is a quality brand of ram. I cant even get them to work close to what Corsair says they are capable of. I personally feel ripped off.
  7. Hi everyone, I'm in the process of overclocking my rigg... I already figured out the max of my cpu ... but when i move on the overclocking my ram, no matter what settings i do for my ram, I get a system reboot before memtest even loads. the only time memtest loaded was when everything was set to auto. I even manually set my timings to the same timings as the ram is set to under auto and even then the system reboots before memtest loads. anyone has an idea what i might be doing wrong? thank you.
  8. No matter what timings im setting for my ram I get a system reboot before memtest starts. My HTT/FSB is set to 250, I lowered it from the cpu's max stable HTT - 263. I set the ram voltage to 2.8 and its timings to - Dram frequency - 200 1/01 cpc - enabled (1T) tcl - 3 trcd - 4 tras - 8 trp - 3 when I rebooted when my HTT was set to 263 but ram timings were set to auto, I at least reached memtest. according to cpu-z my timing were set to 3-3-3-8 when set to auto. So im a bit confused, cause I loosened the timings more than when I get with auto settings, and I lowered the HTT to 250 and I cant even reach memtest. any suggestions?
  9. what do i have to do to get a reply? :confused: did i say somethin wrong???
  10. I'm feeling a bit ignored here :confused:
  11. Can someone plz help me? I need to know two things - 1. Can I set my bios to what it was just before I cleared it (besides the ram timings)? 2. What should i set my ram timings to in order to reach memtest86? cause when I set it to the SPD speeds it hangs before it even reaches memtest. Thanks.
  12. I ran prime for 12 hours on both cores. no errors.
  13. yes I have, several times, I must be missing something. When I set the timings to the spd timings 2-3-3-6 the system would reboot just before memtest loaded.
  14. my htt remained at the max i reached when clocking the cpu which was 263. so what should i set my ram to when first using memtest?
  15. What do I do once I clear my cmos? Why did this happen to begin with? what was my mistake? Can I continue right from the same state just before this happened? Thanks.
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