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  1. that sucks, mate...definitely was looking at this board for upgrading/updating too. oh well, back to my Rev. F. opterons. dave
  2. dave_graham

    FS: AMD Athlon64 X2 - 4000+ AM2 Retail

    Bump for price change. 175.00 based on new AMD pricing for AM2 processors. dave
  3. dave_graham

    FS: AMD Athlon64 X2 - 4000+ AM2 Retail

    the 4000+'s were EOL (end of life'd) by AMD and were AM2 parts ONLY. dave
  4. Per forum rules: This FS thread is for 1 processor ONLY (as part of the forum rules). redundant (i know) signature shot: yes, these are the "now discontinued" AMD X2 1mb x 2 cache processors. (can you say "Opteron 10xx series"?). These are 2.0ghz processors and are the 89w version, not the 65w EE version. you can go here to see more information from AMD. stepping information is: ADA4000IAA6CS CCBYF 0620 UPMW "T" on the green serial starts: Q61798AF price: $175.50 + 6.50 shipping (priority; US only) or 20.00 (global ems; international only) PAYAPL ONLY (cc or non-cc, doesn't matter) Heat: argus333 paypal: [email protected]
  5. dave_graham

    The Guitar (or other instrument) discussion

    phil keaggy is awesome. would recommend Joe Satriani, John Petrucci, Steve Vai, Shawn Lane, etc. if you want to get a good sense for guitar masters. dave
  6. dave_graham

    AMD Opteron 165 Overclocking Monster

    i've got some CCB1E 0606 VPMWs that clock EASILY into the 2.7-2.8 ghz range. dave
  7. dave_graham

    Pick your Steppings

    tankguys is a great place to get parts from, for what it's worth. I'm technically "competition" for him, but i think he and I agree that getting ya'll what you want is more important than a revenue . match (which he'd win in a heartbeat. ) dave
  8. dave_graham

    Help please -Opty 170- TOO HOT

    oh, and BTW, 38c is not "too hot." 55c is "too hot" but thermal shutdown won't occur until after 60c (depending on the board) dave
  9. dave_graham

    Opteron 170 Retail Processor(s)

    lol whoops! i thought i had added that in... give me a few. dave
  10. dave_graham

    Opteron 170 Retail Processor(s)

    I've got a leftover Opteron 170 processor from a client install. I might have a few more lined up in the coming week. Retail box CCBWE 0551 UPMW. ne'er been used, ne'er been opened. $350.00 shipped in US $375.00 shipped worldwide. heat and everything is in sig. danke, dave heat is "argus333" ebay is "flicker180"
  11. dave_graham

    Custom Sig Requests + Sig discussion

    ok, let's test this bad boy out.... SIG!
  12. dave_graham

    Bad experience with Monarch Computers!!!!

    just an fyi: some stores operate by charging your cards (not pre-authorizing them) for the full amount BEFORE verification of backorders and in some cases, this can result in wicked long hold times on your otherwise free funding. this is USUALLY against the merchant agreements that companies sign up for (several major merchant systems and Visa esp. are against this model) and it is well within your right to demand your money back. it's sad that this particular company, given what they portray to the average consumer, has no apparent conscience about utilizing your money to their ends. so what if they can knock 65.00 off of a processor? you're going to end up paying for that back in spades with their customer service....i should honestly start collecting this stuff... dave
  13. dave_graham

    Opteron 170 Stepping Question ???

    eh. not quite true.....i do a TON of international shipping esp. to Europe. dave
  14. dave_graham

    Opteron stability problem around 2.5 Ghz

    well, not to be a pain, but.... some CPUs just don't overclock well. *shrug* your ram timings are fine, you look a little overloaded on the PSU front, but that's neither conclusive or otherwise, etc. dave