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  1. you have droped the ram too low. you need to set it for 166 tfor the first set of testing. if you need more, go to 133. but at 100 the ram simply wont work properly, if at all. at 100, you would need your htt to be above 400mhz to make you ram run at stock speed, which at an 11x multi would mean your cpu is running at 4400mhz, which aint gonna happen.
  2. i got this ram direct from corsair about 3 days before my mobo arrived. and read the below pic. and this mobo just wont accept 2.5cl. it did for about 3 days after i got the ram, but i noticed i was getting much better results in cl2, so i switched to it, and i havent beable to get it to run on 2.5 since. ps. this is the 3rd cpu this ram has seen, and 3rd gfx card. its been at 3.4v now for 3 months. the max it can take is 3.57v. but its hapyer at 3.4v. and im thinking of lowering it to 3.3 soon as i beleve it should still run at these speeds now its burned in.
  3. as i HAVE allready said, i cannot run at anything OTHER than cl2. 2.5 and 3 do not post. if some one could even confirm that this ram is even tccd id be happy. the refrence i have says it is, but im not willing to take the heat spreaders off(because of the led's.)
  4. if i can get it stable above 280mhz on a cl2 timing id be happy. i know this ram has more in it now, but its anoying that i get stopped my the mobo.once i can get say 285mhz stable on cl2, i can work from there. and for stability, using this peltier is killing it. it dosent have much of a load time. about 30-40mins (about the same as crappy air), but idle it good for 24/7.
  5. as i said before, my 24/7 settings are 279mhz at 2-3-3-5 T1 at 3.4v. these are the timings i use. http://www.scatmanworlds.co.uk/1/18.JPG and here is my max ram speed, as you can see my htt isnt limited to this. http://www.scatmanworlds.co.uk/63.JPG
  6. so its possibe that if i up the cpu voltage, i might get above 280?
  7. i have seen screenshots of my exact ram doing 349mhz on 2.5-4-3-6 on 3.1v, but i dont even get a full post at 2.5cl. if its cpu, then why can i not go passed it on diffrent settings?
  8. that is my 24/7 settings. look at this if you want. http://valid.x86-secret.com/show_oc.php?id=57329 this is unstable, as its above 280mhz. and i thought the rules said no flaming?
  9. ive been having some fun with this ram and some problems, and latley it seems its not my ram, but my mobo as others are having the same problem. we cannot seem to get our ram above 280mhz on 2-x-x-x timings. mine will run at 2-3-3-1 all day at 279mhz but that extra 1 mhz gives errors for about 3 mins then gives in. ive tried 2-4-4-8 without any luck. ive even tried 2.5-3-3-6 but its a no go for posting with my ram(which is even stanger as its TCCD) and advice or even bios's would help. ps. my ram is at 2-3-3-5 T1 at 3.4v. corsair xms xl pro rev 1.2
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