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  1. The probelms is I can't boot the RAM when they are both in the Orange slots. Same with the Yellow ones. I can only boot it when either one or both sticks are installed on the top 2 DIMMs.
  2. I see. Thanks for the reply. I currently have the 2 sticks of RAM on the top orange and yellow slot in Single Channel Mode. I really want to get dual channel working, since I plan to putting in 2 more sticks of RAM once Windows Vista comes out. Is the processor at fault? or did I get a bad RMA?
  3. I've posted about my motherboards probelms before. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=37604 After following the suggestions on that thread, I RMAed the motherboard and got it replaced. However, it still refuses to boot in Dual Channel mode. I recently found that the reason that Dual channel doesn't work is because channel B doesn't work. The top Orange and Yellow slots can boot just fine and Memtest passes no probelm. However, the computer can't even POST when the RAM is inserted into the bottom 2 slots. Now seeing as how I've already RMAed the RAM and the Motherboard already, does that mean I need to RMA my CPU? Would a bad memory controller cause the channel B to not work?
  4. I plan to RMA either the Motherboard or the CPU (bad memory controller?) I'm not sure which to do first. Both are going to be annoying RMAs. I just wanted to know if there was a more painless method of fixing the probelm
  5. I built this system last september (see sig) and it worked in dual channel til about november. At first I thought it was the ram, so I spend about a month trying the get it RMAed. I finally got it back but the probelm was still there. The system will POST in single channel mode, when 1 stick is in the orange slot and one in the yellow. But even after a CMOS clear as well as flashing the newest BIOS, the system refuses to boot with the RAM in dual channel in either of the colors. The diagnostic LEDs on the bottom of the board get stuck at 3 LEDs. So with new ram, the probelm is either the mother board or the memory controller on the CPU. Any suggestions? They both will be annoying RMAs
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