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  1. I guess thats what I get for believeing neweggs discription :mad: and of course now it has been corrected ... sorry for teh wasted mental power i had you guys consume whiel typing :/
  2. the only thing i can see it saying about any mode is UDMA 6 Forst this is where I get my info
  3. I have searched the web and cant find a answer so I am hoping that some of the members here can answer this for me. I have a Raptor 150 which is Sata II , or well claims to be. According to windows its runnings as a Sata I drive , is there anyway to change this ? I have no jumpers set as thats how it came . As far as I know i did everything right and it should be running in Sata II , unless the nvidia sata controller cant do Sats II ? Any Ideas ? Thanks guys
  4. I am really hoping someone can point out the missing link here. Here is the error I get while trying to install windows. STOP: 0X0000007B (0XF78D2501 , 0XC0000034 , 0X00000000 , 0X00000000) Now if I am correct that is a Memory error , thing is Memtest says ram is perfect. Passed all requirement set forth by DFI mods here in teh forums. Things I have tried are 1 stick of ram ( has to be in orange slot furthest from cpu) tried both slots and cant boot with orange closest. Slip Streamed teh nf4 sata drivers into windows install and i still get the exact same error in teh exact same spot during windows install. Now if I use my regular windows install disk without the nf4 sata driver and dont load them via f6 and disket i can install windows. Does anyone have some ideas on how I can remidie this ? Thank you -Jared
  5. Angry Man, I did not go indepth into my bios settings becasue i was lazy forgive me. I have used several settings even one of yours from teh overclocking database. As for teh Sata II problems I cannot install windows onto a 150G Raptor, I have tried slipstreaming the the nv files into windows. I always get a BSOD when it says "Starting Windows". It is ussually a memory error but Just last night I ran memtest for 12 hours which equalled 23 completed test , 0 errors. I am all out of Ideas as I have tried everything i could find in the forums.... everything.
  6. I would like to see some more beta bios , then we would know that they are trying to correct some of the "known" issues .
  7. I am starting to agree with the poster. Starts off with substandard overclocking results for a DFI mobo, then the whole SATAII issue with this motherboard. There has been only one official bios update for this board and many problems like sensor Temps that needs to be addressed. I sold a Asus A8N32 for this board becasue DFI is the overclocking king :/ same chip, same ram , same PSU and same gpu so far it has not lived up to its rep. I hope that a bios revision or 2 will solve many of these problems.
  8. I have the exact same issue , odd thing is even if I disconnect the current HD Bios will not detect the new drive. I am starting to believe its a bad drive ........
  9. Danger Den has a beta water block out for the dfi boards. I am using one and its a very good block, temps are obviosly really low but most importantly the horrid sound that I heard from that chipset cooler is gone. Perhaps in the not to distant future they will be avialable to everyone. -Jared
  10. Kemp


    well I am on water , and this is more or less going for benching clocks. Since I can do 2.8 (fx-57) @ 1.45 ........ I am just trying to figure this out since it is not equaling across the board.
  11. Kemp


    I was really hoping to get some other Expert owners to post on this . If u dont have a chip that will do 300 htt on the highest stepping knock it back . i cant do 9x300 but i can do 10 x 295 . Any ideas ?
  12. Hello all first post , This is also my first amd based system for ocing . I own a Expert board and am starting to think that HTT 300 and over is not stable on this board. I ran memtest for 24 hours ram @ 275 3448 timings 0 errors. I ran prime 95 for 24 hours 0 errors this is all done @ 1.65 volts on a 146 Opteron . But when ever I try to run any 3dmark app it will freeze during test. Card will clock to 615/1800 but i have been running @ stock 550/1700 for testing purposes. LDT is @ 1.4 chipset is at 1.7 ram voltage is 2.8 as my reading has lead me to believe this ocz ram does not like more than 2.8 . Any ideas guys ? or do other Expert owners feel the same about the 300 HTT and maybe a bios update will fix this issue ? thanks to all for help -Jared
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