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  1. so you do indeed have 3x1gb? Your title states it as such, but your post makes it seems like you're using 2x1gb+1x512. Anyway, the board supports a max of 2gb, what does it say when you right-click on my computer and go to properties? Same for max physical ram in the windows task manager?
  2. Alright dudes, here's a question that's a bit unusual. Last night I had some FTP transfers running onto my only SATA drive installed (drive G for reference), I set it to go overnight then went to bed, only to wake up to a box with this message: Windows - Delayed Write Failed : Windows was unable to save all the data for the file G:$Mft. The data has been lost. This error may be caused by a failure of your computer hardware or network connection. Please try to save this file elsewhere. Shit.! There were a couple similar boxes with filenames that were being written at the time, after checking the windows management system events tab, these errors had been occuring since maybe a half hour after I had gone to bed. Anyway, since the system had hung I figured it might be a general error as I'm running slightly overclocked (210x10 right now, no voltage bumps from stock), so I restarted it and it wouldn't boot into windows, the HDD access light was on, so I unplugged the SATA drive and it boots into windows no problem. Plugged the drive back in, and on post the mobo won't go through the hard drive detection ., so I plugged the SATA drive into the speed unlocked ones (the bottom ports near the battery), and everything fires up and works just fine. So my question is, did the NF3 SATA controller take a .? And if so, should I be worried about the rest of the chipset giving up the ghost? Has anyone else had issues like this? Sorry for the long post, and thanks. edit: basically I want to know which SATA controller took a dump, and if you think this will be a progressive problem that will **** up everything else (my files on my ide drives, etc)
  3. Quit being a faggot, msmolt already told you what it was. Now either you go put silicone on it or go send it back to DFI. There have been numerous threads on this issue so go and .ing search.
  4. Try different IDE cables, I've heard stories of the ones coming with the mobo being defective.
  5. the psu exhausts air OUT of the case regardless of how many fans it has/is oriented. your new psu probably doesn't pull as much air out as the last one.
  6. I'd blame it on your ambient temps. Has your system temp increased as well?
  7. msmolt- interesting that the agp thing was an issue, I've heard other nforce3 boards need to be set to 67 for the lock to kick in, but I could have sworn that I've seen angrygames post otherwise. How much was stability improved?
  8. 1000HTT? I'd try the 3x LDT multi, as I recall people having issues with the lower ones. You might be hitting your cpu max as well, as Newcastle cores don't scale as well.
  9. I can say pretty safely that it's not your cpu, bent pins are a non-issue.
  10. on socket 754 HTT maxes out at 1600 not 2000. this is probably the cause of your instability
  11. can't you just return the damn thing?
  12. I've been running 1.7v into my 3000+ Venice for months, I'd up it some more. Also, make sure that your HTT multi is 3x.
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