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  1. I have reseated my RAM and switch them to each others side. Even using just one stick in a slot. When I run the Memtest+ with the Standard option I don't get any errors for 6 hours. But once I run the memory sizing option to BIOS-All I get tons of errors. I added two pictures for you guys to see what I mean. http://img63.imageshack.us/my.php?image=00001197mt.jpg and http://img63.imageshack.us/my.php?image=00001221ve.jpg
  2. I edited my post. I made a PC issue stressed-filled typo. HokieRif & Amps are you able to play any other games besides NFS MW? If so then it's something else. I have tried a Leadtek PCI-E 6600GT and got the same thing. Here are some informational pictures: http://www.imagecash.net/gallery.php?gid=1...6&owner=SirXILE
  3. Yes fresh instal from XP CD to the bare HDD. I set the command rate for my Corsair RAM to 2T instead of 1T and I don't get any outright freezing. Plus my CPU voltage is at 1.425v. I still get some type of freezing but I was able to play NFSU2.
  4. Yeah being that I have built my own computers before. I have the tendency to wanting to figure why problems are happening. I am getting tired of it. :mad: I ordered with Monarch Computer Systems with 3yr warranty. So yeah I will get on the horn with them to get my problem sorted. If ya'll want to read and respond. Here is a latest problem I have with the motherboard: I have tried a latest attempt on figuring out the freezing/BSOD issues. I put my backup Maxtor 160gb IDE as a master and did a clean install of XP Pro SP2. All processes of detecting drivers installing XP's core stuff went through perfect. When I went to the desktop I downloaded DFI's latest NF4w2k666E motherboard drivers and nVidia's 81.98 video drivers. Restarted for both of them and safely back to my desktop. Then I installed NFS Underground2 so I could see if the freezing still happens. Lo and behold the whole computer froze when I tried to play a game or even setup in game settings. Seems a hwardware problem is happening.
  5. Windows Repair initiates but I then get a BSOD pointing out the atapi.sys error. I have a another Samsung HDD that is SATA150. On it is my previous OS with installations. Basically I clone from it to the new Samsung SATAII drive. After having the SATAII drive as a master by itself I uninstall the previous motherboard and video drivers in safe mode. When booting back into regular windows some other issue comes up. I get some type of shading under and around my mouse. Some sort of pix elated shadow. An error showing ntdl.dll comes up. Then the computer automatically freezes. Installing the onboard audio drivers, not installing the nForce IDE and not using the nVidia ethernet does not help.
  6. So you guys are really betting it's a video driver problem? Notthing to do with the nForce motherboard drivers or a recent BIOS recent update. Fraggy: I will try that solution just for the hope that it could be the missing part.
  7. Yes I am at stock settings. All parts are at stock from my pre-built manaufacturer. I did not try memtest yet. I do have the program file ready to be used though. My CPU multiplier is at 12x stock. Seems i must try the memtest app to give you results of how things go. But within Windows because it already installed.
  8. I am getting an unexpected freezing problem with my new pre-built computer. It freezes up in Windows and when i try to load a game. The problem arises when i'm multitasking with video and files plus when I load a game the freezing happens. Along with freezing a peculiar chirping sound comes through my speakers/headpones. I un-installed nVidia Forceware 81.98 drivers and reverted to previous 81.95. I have also reinstalled my sound card drivers. I feel as if i have streak of bad luck with PC's. I can't enjoy my PC at all. What is the cause of this annoying problem?
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