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  1. I have to say I really love that design, a lot better than the garish colours of the old Lanparty cards But as others have said, I am going to wait until I can get a card with X38/Penryn or the new AMD K10 processors before I upgrade
  2. For a cheap and cheerful jump into the dualcore world, an Opteron 170 is a brilliant choice. You dont need any special luck to push it to +- 2,8ghz, with luck and good cooling 3ghz ++ is within range for many. Ofc, a C2D at 3,6ghz is almost twice as powerful, but an Opteron 170 at 2,8 still happily pushes whatever you decide to throw at it just fine. I have spent some time considering what to do, as I plan to build a new rig to replace the one in my signature. I have decided to wait until AMD release their new core this summer so I can choose between that and a C2Q. But until then my 2,9ghz Opteron 170 is doing just fine :cool:
  3. Yeah, I have done a little more searching and found various bits and pieces about this board, there are even piccies floating around. Looks like it is going to be a great board in the finest DFI tradition. But after AMD has started posting teasers about K8L performance, I think I will stick to my original plan and wait until I can compare and choose between Core 2 Duo/quad and K8L systems :cool:
  4. Thanks Angry for making this new site happen. Very much appreciated
  5. Anyone know anything? I plan to build a new rig soon, but can wait a couple of months if DFI will release something as good as my current nF4 SLI-DR :cool:
  6. If you look at the experiences others have posted in this thread that is just the beginning. Expect problems again in some weeks time that requires another voltage raise to go away. Then after a while you will not get stability no matter what voltage you give your sticks.
  7. I know AMD sells Manchester with one faulty core as Venice and Toledo as San Diego. Or to be precise, AMD sells them as what they are and shops doesnt know what they really are and list them as Venice/Sa Diego. They are both poor overclockers as far as I have seen, and t be avoided.
  8. As far as I know these e6-Venices are in fact not Venice at all but dualcore CPU's where one core is faulty and disabled. It is my impression that these are not good overclockers at all.
  9. errm. You got TIM on processor pins and wiped it off, and you are surprised the CPU doesnt work CPU's are very sensitive to static charges, even voltages you cannot feel may kill a CPU.
  10. I will not go above 1,5vcore/55c 24/7. But that is my envelope, others may be braver or more foolish than me
  11. There is absolutely no performance penalty from putting your ram on a divider on the s939 platform, so if that si what gives you the best overclock go for it.
  12. Patience is needed to get the most out of your Opterons. I moved to watercooling about a month ago. Before that I used an XP-120 with a SilenX fan, had it prime stable at 1,43vcore, temps at 54-55c with full load. Then I changed to watercooling, and had to increase vcore to 1,47 for prime stability. but temps where at 48-50. After trying to push it to [email protected],47 for a forthnight I gave up and reduced frequency to 2600 again. But then it was prime stable at 1,43vcore again. Now a forthnight later I found that I could reduce vcore further to 1,4. I think this has to do with the AS5 layer. I have read that AS5 needs 200 hours before it achieves its maximum effectiveness. So some patience is needed before you can release the potencial of your processor
  13. I am completely unable to see the point in this thread at all. How can anyone here say that temperatures are right or not? Unless you put a sensor under the heatspreder, there is no way you can measure CPU temperature accurately. Pointless thread, no wonder it is ignored by the powers that be.
  14. People with more knowledge than me post on every forum that these new low-wattage CPU's should overclock better than the current ones. I have no idea, we will just have to wait and see until someone gets one and tries it out
  15. Read the overclocking guides on this forum. You have no need for better ram, you ca noverclock your cpu until it screams and begs for mercy using dividers. Though you may find that moving to 2gb is worthwhile, overclocking or not
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