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  1. Wow I did not know you could OC a toaster but that works well .
  2. I just installed Speedfan on my PC and I have any issue. First are my temps. My Temp1 is at 54C and I do not know what that reading is from. All it states is Temp1. My Temp2 is at 39C, and Temp3 is at at 47 and Core is at 34C. When I ran the DFI temp software I do not have any temp that is at 54C. So I am stumped what temp this is. My other issue is that my my Fan1, Fan2, and Fan3 are not showing any RPM and I do not see a CPU fan. The only fan that is connected to the board is my CPU fan. Thanks for any help on this.
  3. Thanks for the heads up. I called APC to check none of the ones I have listed have full line conditioning. I have to get their BR model line. So I guess for right now I am still out a UPS till I get the extra cash and I will just have to use my Circuit City gift card for something else.
  4. Thanks, Well the two I have linked is the two they give me. So I was at least right on. Now I just have to think what one to get. Thanks for the link I did not think about checking their website.
  5. I do not own a UPS as of yet but from what I am reading it is a good thing to have. Now that I re did all my wires I was able to cut out a lot of stuff and now I have my router and DSL modem on the same protector and now I have all my PC computer gear together. I am just wondering what size UPS would be best to get? I am thinking this on because it has enought UPS plugs http://www.circuitcity.com/ssm/APC-UPS-Sur...tDetail.do#tabs Would that be good enough? I am thinking this is over kill but let me know maybe if I might be wrong. http://www.circuitcity.com/ssm/APC-1300VA-...roductDetail.do Thanks for any help on this. The reason I just have ciructcity is because I have some cash to spend there and this would fit in and I do not have much cash to spend on a PSU out of my bank account.
  6. Well I will have to save up the cash for a new sound card. Right now I got a new set of speakers so I am using the jack on the from on them. My 7 year old polk speakers did not have a headphone jack on them so I was stuck. By these new logitechs are great. I have to say that it just shocks me how much better the sound is with headphones on compared to speakers. I have to sya it cought me a little by suprise all the little sounds that I was missing.
  7. I got my unit for $250 because they had the 2007 model coming out and I got the 2006. This is the unit I have with the USB http://www.kenwoodusa.com/products/ListPro...&k3=173&pr=2377
  8. I am just wondering is there a way to run both of these off the board or do I have to run the headset though my speaker jack? My headset does not have an one off switch on them so I am thinking a splitter would work. Thanks
  9. Wow man thanks I can not belive how great they look.
  10. If this is happening can anyone make one for me with the AMD/vista 64bit theme to it? Incase this might help most of my PC gear with Black and gray with blue led for lights. Thanks in advance.
  11. Ok sounds like I can get rid of the floppy then if I wanted to and just keep it as a backup for a just incase. Since my headphone jacks are in the rear of the PC and I do not have them on the front of my case I was thinking of getting jacks for that bay.
  12. I have two SATA DVD-RW drives. For $28 each on sale a newegg I could not go wrong. I like it for when I make copy's of CD's because when I buy a CD I copy it and burn it if needed and then the bought copy goes with the reast of my CD's not to be moved again for the most part. Now that my new HU in my car has a USB port I no longer burn unless going in a different car for a road trip. I love a flash drive and a USB in my car. I have had fun with freinds betting then I can put 70 cd in a space smaller then their finger.
  13. veener88


    I have seen other posts on this game not even the 7900's could keep up with this game on full detail. This game is just nuts from what I have heard. I have the demo just have not installed it yet.
  14. I am just wondering I have not used my A drive for over a year and I just used it once for a BIO's update. I am just wondering I was reading were you can use your CD rom now for bio updates now. I am just wondering is an A: something that I realy need any more with my PC?
  15. That is nuts I would never pay that much for a case. Makes me wonder when I get my paint booth setup how much I could make buying a cheap case is doing a good paint job on it.
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