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  1. Currently owned a patriot 1 Gb kit + XBLK, thinking of getting another gb, should i carry on searching for another set of 2 x 512mb + XBLK or its better off for me to sell it off and look for other 2 x 1gb Tccd rams? plsss advice. btw, some1 is offering me a trade of his Qimonda 2 x 1GB DDR400 Infineon CE-5 with my PDP 1g kit +XBLK + i top up some cash.... Any1 heard of qimonda this brand?
  2. Karma. maybe but i hope no one get hurts, the company might not be the best company in the world but its employees is innocent. Just my 2 cent worth
  3. Guys, Please take sometime to view this as it is very meaningful and its something that could make u cry and smile to it.. I post this here cause i believe this gotta be shared. Now do yourself, do your family & friends a favor, view this and send it to them. http://www.metacafe.com/watch/277085/everyone_must_see_this/
  4. A moment ago: i though happy is god to anything regarding comp that include headset... NOw: OMG, happy is mortal too, hes has no idea wat a can is lolz. @@/ Its a slang for headset and happy u might wanna check whether it would be comforty with glasses on(noticed that u wear spec like i do). Some can is awesome.... but if only u dont wear glasses, something minor like that only ppls like us(with spec) would notices...
  5. Icez84

    [DIY] Gaming Clan

    dutch, can we use the [DFI] clan tag for only bf2? or other game too? for example wc3..
  6. Icez84

    Bf2 Players Thread

    That cool... I'm in for Dota, WC3 TD, CoH and BF2 Thanks got ya pm, going to install BF2 & SF tonight.. LOLz cant believe i got such a gd deal, dvd almost brand new, unregister(hehe i can register it under mine own name for a second hand game, lol) for 25USD
  7. LOL GOOD 1!! but again, as i have no problem with my spelling however im alway weak in grammer... lolz FIREFOX give me a grammer check browser!!1
  8. Icez84


    COOL... thx, any1 know anyone abt firefox's problem with certain webbie download site... I cant d/l certain site with firefox but using IE tab in firefox i could, but again in some sites still cant, gotta use the old stinky IE 6
  9. Icez84

    Bf2 Players Thread

    Thanks, i'll contact the owner already, talking abt the price now and i just drop a email to EA later to check on it.. thks unless someone already know the answer and is willingly to enlighten me
  10. Icez84

    Bf2 Players Thread

    lolz i am getting a legit copy but its almost brand new second hand. If i grab a first hand it gonna cost me 50 to 60 USD for both BF2 and SF where as in singapore the secondhand copy of BF2 and SF gonna cost me 20 to 25 USD.. That why i wanna check whether i'll gain the sole rights to the second hand BF2 i'm going to purchase. Wow, it's kind of hard to explain, as you are across the date line too, but 'dates' aside, this is how it works. ok thanks i'll read up the webbie, i understand abt the GMT but kinda lost between the CDT n CST and converting it to GMT... Correct me if i'm wrong, CST is 6 hrs behind GMT so if someone post a game at 1000hrs CST which = 1600hrsGMT and on top of it i gotta add 8 hrs to 1600hrs GMT to get my local time(0000hrs) right? and i still gotta get into consideration that singapore is a day ahead. RIght? and wat abt the CDT? Quite cant really get the daylight saving thingie. it 2 hrs slower right?
  11. ok thx, meeting the guy next week to check the card and pay on meeting. thank again for all the helps
  12. Icez84

    Company of Heroes

    on my rig, CoH work perfectly fine, could it be your rig unstable?
  13. Icez84

    Bf2 Players Thread

    was about to purchase the BF2 + SF but someone told me BF2 allow 2 player on da same server with the same key.. is it true? if true, can i get hold of sole right to the series key or i'll never know? PS: can someone teach me abt CST? i know CST is 6 hours behind of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) and that all. Universal time is america timing or GMT? Singapore is GMT - 8hrs. Sorry for my noob qns, its a small country here, we have 0 time differ.
  14. Icez84

    Bf2 Players Thread

    so can i use the series from the dvd created new account or i had to transfter the account from this dvd's series key from previous owner to mine own?
  15. thank technodanvan n happy, i just going to start with audigy2. But dont own a 5.1 speaker coz got myself a off the shelf mini theater system in my room 4m away from my comp. but intend to get a better headset tho... currently using a creative HS-150 headset, would it be enough to hear the differs with the audigy2? Getting bf2 w SF soon.. Found a secondhand combo for 25USD
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