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  1. Loughborough's claims to fame mainly centers round its University, famous ex-pupils have include former England Rugby coach Sir Clive Woodward. L'boro is also a home to Paula Radcliffe, womens marathon world record holder (2:15:25). My home town North Walsham, Norfolk claim to fame is that the young Horatio Nelson went to school at my now previous College/Sixth form, oh and every single pub in the town was granted a 24-hour licence to sell alcohol!
  2. Have you enabled game mode before you play BF2? If not, you cannot select x-fi mode.
  3. When you say freezes it just stops responding, the mouse and clock stops etc etc? Mine used to do that, randomly but always soon after the computer had booted up, after say 30 mins it seemed to be fine. It never freezed in bios maybe i was never in long enough for that to happen. Not sure what bios version your running but i found changing back to the original 11/23 from 12/7 solved the freezing, no more lockups since.
  4. Blocked out? You looking on the right field i.e. CPU VID? I think new A64 chips can run ram at higher frequencies without uping the fsb.
  5. I think you can but will only be at the speed of the slower card, the newer nvidia drivers are pretty flexable now compared to what they were, you should be fine.
  6. I thinki you can RMA aslong as the product is still in warranty which should be a 3 years in the US or 2 years europe and 1 year rest of world.
  7. PWMIC - Pulse Width Modulation Integrated Circuit Im running at 43 degC but i am using the stock hsf and stock speed so there should be a bit of airflow over them. They should be fine at 62 degC but you should direct a fan over them when overclocking and/or watercooling.
  8. What about the Jing Ting cooler? Only seen it on an American site but they ship worldwide. Buy Here Review Here [thread=39806]Discussion and more pics[/thread] A bit pricy but apparently its pretty good and should fit the sli-dr.
  9. This isn't going to solve anything but dont the fan headers on the expert, well most of them, temperature controlled? If so, it may be that your temps aren't high enough to warrant the fans being on. Won't solve anything but may ease your mind.
  10. mcq_01

    Best car racing game?

    Well i dont know if its available in the US but TOCA Race Driver 3 has recently come out on the other side of the pond (UK). Its always been known for being a good simulation with lots of tracks and cars - single seaters, touring, monster trucks to name a few. The new F1 season starts this month so some new games should be on their way.
  11. I also had that problem, with sandra that is, i dont use speed fan. I did a little searching, this forum i think, and found out that you have to go into - File > Program Options and Unceck Include DMI/SMBIOS Information. Sandra works fine now.
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