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  1. Well, if you've had offers on the Zalman do you think you could just sell it by itself and let me take the X1800XT? I don't care if it doesn't have a stock cooler for it.
  2. Any chance you'd sell that X1800XT without the Zalman? I already have a waterblock for the GPU so I don't really need it.
  3. I have a 3700+ San Diego that I may be interested in selling if the price is right. I have no idea what the stepping is because I bought the chip with the IHS removed. I've hit 3.1 Ghz with this chip on my water cooling setup, but it wasn't stable at that seed. I had it running 2.9Ghz 24/7, but since I changed my RAM I haven't been able to run it stable at that speed. PM me if interested.
  4. Well, from my experience it does help some, but in your case I don't think that is your limiting factor. Even mine gets pretty high under load, probably around where yours is without a box fan blowing into my case, long story so don't ask. I wish I knew where that thing is located so that I could find a better way to cool it. I see other people with there's around where there CPU temps are, but mine has never been that low.
  5. I know. I read that. I'm saying that if you decide on getting another CPU that the LBBLE would be a good stepping to look for. I'm not really sure why the two you have had can't OC worth a crap.
  6. Well, I don't know too much about Venices, but I do know that the one that I had, a 3200+, was a LBBLE and I got that thing up to about 2.9Ghz. I shot myself in the foot when I sold it though. I got $150 for it and I wasn't watching the freakin auction so it sold for the price. I got this 3700+ to top out at 3.1Ghz, only for SuperPi 1M runs though. Runs fine at 2.9Ghz, at least during the winter it did. I haven't had my computer working for a while and I haven't had the 3700+ in my comp for a while before that. Anyways, the point is, if my LBBLE 3200+ went that far I'm sure that's a good stepping to be looking for. I have the same motherboard as you so I doubt the motherboard is at fault. Though, if you are using that BETA BIOS you may want to go back to the latest official BIOS. The BETA BIOS doesn't like certain memory modules so that may be a cause. I only know cause I had my GEIL sticks running at 260Mhz on the official BIOS yet they could barely run at 200Mhz with the BETA BIOS. Figured it didn't like it so I booted the BIOS. Good luck on trying to find a good CPU.
  7. Really? I got this second hand DFI NF4 Lanparty UT SLI-DR mobo that can do about 400 FSB. I thought that would have been pretty standard, but I guess not. BTW, this thing would have been sold the second it hit the forums if I had the cash. I don't cause some eBay guy is trying to screw me over, and it'll probably work. It shouldn't be my fault that the guy didn't get his product because he mistyped his address or something. I have a receipt and all, but I feel it's not enough. Ohh well. That'll make $650 I've lost to sh!tty eBay members.
  8. May be interested in the Opteron. What kind of cooling did you have and what were your idle and load temps?
  9. What stepping and week is it?
  10. Dang, can't pass this up. YGPM.
  11. Got an SNES and GameBoy Color I've been wanting to get rid of. What kind of prices you looking for?
  12. Tried overclocking any of these? Because I'm curious as to how far they will go.
  13. I'm confused. Exactly what modules sizes do you have for these 10 sticks? Are they 1GB total, or are they 1GB each?
  14. Would you take any trades, like som RAM or another CPU + cash? Cause I really don't want to wait to get this thing.
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