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  1. I'd recommend staying away from 680i for now. I'm sending my EVGA back cuz the cpu makes this high pitch whining sound and it runs way too hot even with my full tower stripped down to accomodate massive airflow. My 965 Gigabyte ran much cooler and stable than the evga. I've already setup an RMA for it so i'll hopefully get a board that's better than this one. But i'll prolly just go back to 965, there are too many issues that with 680i chipset that haven't been ironed out yet.
  2. Usually 4800 Toledo's max out around 2.7 or 2.8Ghz.. I wouldn't try any harder to go beyond. I had a 4800 that won't go past 2.7 stable. Most x2 4800 don't do more than 2.7. Be happy with what you have.
  3. anybody have explanations or suggestions on why i get a score of 99K with my 8800GTS 640mb and E6600 @ 3.6Ghz. My mem is set at 2.66 divider which means it's running at 500Mhz( FSB= 400Mhz x2.66)
  4. I still can't figure out why my card won't do above 100K. I'm only getting a score of 99,940.
  5. Here's a link with the dll file.. i was suprised with my results too when i only got 60K. http://www.overclock.net/downloads/137258-aquamark-3-a.html
  6. where'd u find that Gemini II i'm in need of a better cooler than tuniq..for some reason my tuniq doesn't work with my mobo. It causes my system to notg boot up and apparently even on boot the temps are too high. Let me know where u got that Gemini. i'd sure like to get it cuz i think it's better than the tuniq
  7. I just got a new E600 and the code on there was L630F103. Anybody have a idea if this is good stepping?
  8. OMG that board loooks soo good. What are the new numbers and benchies with it?
  9. OLD-guy are those new specs on ur rig? I thought u had an DFI 975? IS that new mobo good?
  10. yes that would generall void your warranty. I'd only recommend that process if your going to OC and don't mind having to void the warranty. OC'ing does void warranty in a stipulated way that i can't really specify or clarify but it's do it at your own risk kinda thing.
  11. Lapping is the way to remove imperfections on the HSF and CPU. BY lapping you're creating more surface to surface contact and this helps dissipate heat faster than your non lapped surface. During manufacturing copper hsf and cpu surfaces are coated with other metallic film that do not dissipate heat efficiently. Lapping should be done with 400grit to 2000grit sandpaper and you should google "Lapping cpu" to get indepth tutorial on how to do the process. I'm waiting for my Tuniq to arrive in a few days i'll be lapping it as well.
  12. I would recommend that you buy the Tuniq Tower 120 instead of that Ninja. The tuniq absolutely demolishes any cooler in performance right now. Also you should try to lap you cpu and hsf that way you'll get low temps. I lappped my E6400 and my Zalman CNPS9500 and my idle temps are at 19C and ORthos load temps are at 47C. BtW i'm oc'ed at 3.48Ghz(435X8) and these are the temps that my cpu is at everyday.
  13. These are my initial results on my first try at OC'ing my E6400 with Corsair Dominator Series PC-6400. Idle temps are at 19C and load temp is around 47C. Check out the first 8 hour Orthos Run in the pic. http://img178.imageshack.us/img178/6936/32ghzoc5.jpg
  14. Apparently my OCZ sticks still won't work with the system . teh cheapo 512 stick is still in the system. I happen to update the bios to f10 the latest for the mobo and set the vdimm voltage +0.2v and still it wont' work with the ram. I guess i'll ask OCZ about the situation. What slots do the memory usually go in, orange or yellow?
  15. well i got a DDr2-533 512 stick and put that sucker in and got a good boot. It's currently setting up XP so as soon as that is done i'll go ahead and flash to new bios. Umm ooz can u tell me what bios ur using?
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