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  1. I tried resetting the CMOS for about 30 minutes and then trying it again, but it is still restarting under the same circumstances. Anyone have any other ideas of things to try?
  2. Yeah when I first got my opteron I reset the CMOS over night, I guess maybe I should try the same with the venice. I also just had the pc reboot itself while priming at only 240HTT so I think I have some kind of serious issue going on.
  3. I have tested with some other memory with no improvement. I unfortunately dont have another motherboard to test the processors in. The wierd thing is that the motherboard was working just fine with the venice a few days ago, that is why I thought it might have been a bios setting that was the problem. I guess it is possible that the motherboard is damaged, it just seems wierd that it runs perfectly stable until I go over 245HTT
  4. Alright I have just tried my venice and I am getting the same result anything over 245Mhz HTT is causing the pc to reboot. I know for a fact that this processor can do 2750Mhz at stock volts so something has to be seriously wrong :confused: . I also never experienced a rebooting issue with this cpu when running prime in the past, but now it is exhibiting the same behavior as the opteron.
  5. I dont think that windows has become corrupt considering that I have two different windows installations on my hard drive and I have the same result in both. As soon as I back down to 2200Mhz I can prime continously without any problem. Since I have tried replacing every other part in my system, I think the problem has to be related to one of two items: the cpu or the motherboard. As much as I really dont want to do it I think I am going to swap my Venice back in and see if I am able to overclock it.
  6. I have ran memtest through on each stick 8 passes and had 0 errors. So far this morning, I have tried swapping out my power supply to an Antec 550W which made no difference. I even tried using a stick of 512MB TCCD with no change. I am pretty much out of ideas at this point
  7. Alright I am going to let Memtest run overnight and hope that I will wake up tomorrow without any errors since I just got this memory back from RMA.
  8. I have tried a couple different bios including 704-2BTA and 310 I tried one stick of memory and the only slot that the computer would boot with was the orange slot furthest from the cpu. When I tried to prime with just one stick windows just froze instead of going to a bluescreen. I changed to 2T and again windows just froze when priming I upped the LDT to 1.4 and the chipset to 1.7 and windows froze when priming Oh and the video card is running stock I am completely at a loss as to what the problem is :confused:
  9. Maybe I am wrong about this, but shouldnt a driver issue be present even at stock speeds? I have no problem running prime until I overclock 1Mhz past 245Mhz HTT. Could it be possible that an IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL error would be caused by the CPU being unstable? BTW I dont know if this has any relationship to the overclocking problems that I am having, but the USB ports seem to be acting up on the board. Sometimes when I boot into windows the devices are not receiving power and I have to unplug them and then plug them back in.
  10. Here is the other info from the blue screen: STOP: 0X0000000A (0X0000139C, 0X0000001D, 0X00000001, 0X804FEFCA) There is no file name or extension listed
  11. I removed my audigy and unplugged my secondary hard drive, but the crashing issue still persists. I am so upset about this I am about ready to rip the Opteron out and put back in my Venice that can do 2900Mhz.
  12. Temps are really good 37C Full Load, I am going to pull my audigy right now
  13. The error that I am getting is: IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL
  14. I do have all 4 power connectors plugged in. Is it normal for prime to reboot the pc instead of failing? In all the years that I have been overclocking computers I have never experienced prime consistantly rebooting the pc.
  15. I have been running my ram on the 100Mhz divider throughout all of my tests, I am at a loss as to what the problem is. I just cant believe that I can't get passed 2200Mhz I am hoping that it is something as simple as a bios setting, but I am not sure where to look at this point.
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