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  1. i dunno...i just think i am am not going to turn off my computer.
  2. ok guys i FINALLY got my new psu the ocz powerstream...****i am happy with the psu. i no longer have to jump start my computer. it turns on and off just perfect but i still get the scrambled bios screen on the SECOND bootup. thats right second necause the first one looks fine but only after i have RESEATED my gfx card. all i do is take it out put it back in snug and VOIALA it works. turn off; then turn back on and SCRAMBLED and then i repeat the process. so is it the gfx card? or motherboard?
  3. hey guys. well my opty is 0602 and after sum difficulties i am priming right now @2.8ghz and i installed my nex xp-90 and its running at 45-47c. like i said the side is removed because of problems so can that be the reason for it to be still a little high? and the vcore is @ 1.55. after it passes about 8 hrs i am going to try and lower it a little. bhut we'll see. so far i am VERY pleased. 2.8 aint bad.....heh
  4. well i booted up my computer, and it didnt do it this time. what i did was take out the card, reset cmos. just used the jumper(didnt take bat out) and then i started it up. it didnt have it so i was pretty happy. i hope it doesnt do it again but we'll c. the only things that has me bugged is that why will it do it SOMETIMES and not always. i do have an old crt 17" monitor tho. i will be buying a 19" soon but i just finished buy to much **** and have to wait. and we got to find a solution. and whats this vanilla issue?
  5. maybe cause of the heatsink fan. just waiting on the xp-90 what volts you have u have yours at? i had it at 2.9 with high temps tho. i am having build problems so i havnt really been able to fully test it with out other obstacles. havnt organized cables because still taking out/putting in parts. the side is exposed. can that be the reason for high temps. and maybe my room a little hot too.
  6. ok its not the video card but cause it has done it before and then it stops. and it works fine. how can i change the setting without seeing it? would you be able to tell me how many times down from the top in the dram bios settings? could it be from not enough power from the psu? i have to kinda JUMP START IT EVERYTIME... soon i will find out i have an ocz powerstream 520 in progress to my house
  7. when i boot up the computer everything is scrambled and you can not make out anything. there r lines going down the scrren and blocks that flash. I have tried the following: Tried 1 stick in either slots. flashed to another bios 704 i think it is what is going on??? help
  8. yes, yes. everything is covered. i just ordere an ocz powerstream 520w hope that works. just took a shot nothing to lose we'll see what happens.
  9. ok guys it looks like the only way for me to start my computer is by 1.pressing power and it it NEVER starts 2.switch psu off through back for 3sec till it lights up right before. 3.immediately after 3 sec press the switch back on and VOIALA it turns on. now i was checking the 2 stick of hz and running them through memtest in bios and i had it runnig fine. now when i turned it off and then turned it back on the logo and the bios screen and everything is scxrambeled and flashing very wierdly. i reset cmos the right way. tried one stick then the other in yellow and orange. i dont have another psu. i am running 623-1 bios. also sometimes when i dont do the little trick and try to turn it on the led for the cpu turns on and flashes but no fans begin to spin. i also noticed when the led is on and nothing in the case is turning i can hold the power button 10sec and it shuts off. whats going on?
  10. In the ultra-d are slot 3 & 4 (closest to cpu) are the stick suppose to wrk alone? because i put it in them and the start beeping, then i place them in 1 & 2 and they are fine. my guess is they wont work unless its pair in the other? so i have to have 2 in the oranges or 2 in the yellow never one in yellow and orange right? or is my motherboard messed up?
  11. yes when it doesnt light it doesnt start. i have to turn off the psu switch and then turn it bak on immediately (3sec wait) and it works
  12. the light next the ram slots (the stand-by) doesnt light up sometimes and when it doesnt my computer doesnt start. what does that mean? and sometimes i get lines across the screen and blockis that flash, and when i take out the vid card and put in back in after a little bit it starts fine. any fix? explanation?
  13. well i am trying to get it to 315htt and run the divider @ 166. this will get my cpu @ 2.835ghz and my memory running @ 257mhz. whould that be a reasonable overclock. my temps are reaching 50 - 52 at 100% load becauses i have an ok hsf but i will be ordering an xp-90 2morrow. i have a question when the stand-by light turns on next to the diagnostic leds turn on but not the dram amber light what does that mean?
  14. now what is up with this stepping i havnt seen them around how are they doin so far 144's?
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